Wednesday, June 20, 2018

First 10k Marathon!

This past Saturday, June 16 I ran my very first 10k marathon!  It took me an hour and five minutes to complete the course.  Just five minutes over my goal.  Not only was this an important race because it was my first, but I was also running for my baby girl Austin (my rat).  She passed away on June 12th.  I've been putting off writing a post about her because every time I start writing about her I get all teary eyed.

Running the first 5k was a breeze.  Before training for this race, I only ran for 30 mins every so often, but now I love going for hour long jogs.  It's great.  I've been exploring my own neighborhood by jogging through different streets and trails that I never went to before.  I know in my Sorrento post I talked about how everyone should go for a morning run in every new city they visit, but I should have also mentioned the ol' backyard!

Overall, the event was amazing.  Super well organized and lots of support.  We got a Lululemon shirt as part of the goodie bag and after I went with my mom to the Eaton Center to buy a Lululemon jacket since I had a 25% off coupon from doing the race and my mom had a gift card.  I sound like such a Lulu fanatic, which is something I'm terribly ashamed of (sorry not sorry) because my moto is usually ditch the mainstream brands.  It's Lululemon and Comme des Garcons that I have a soft spot for ugh.

After the race, I shared a bento box with my mom and she also had a free Starbucks drink to claim so we ordered a matcha frappachino VENTI style.  This is my second matcha because its' so good.  I only ever go to Starbucks when my mom has a reward (but boy oh boi did I ever go in middle school...yikes).  I think next time I want to try one of their summer refresher drinks, they look all fruitful and delicious.

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