Wednesday, May 9, 2018

April Outfit Recap

I first saw Amelia Diamond do this post on the Man Repeller.

In hindsight I am glad I was able to document all these outfits that otherwise would have been long lost memories.  On one hand, I can look at an outfit and tell you what I did that day and with who.  Other outfits weren't as successful and have left no recollection in my mind.

Since the beginning of 2018 I have been tracking all my spendings.  I was curious to know exactly where my money was going to and if I was actually spending the amount of money I thought I was.  Needless to say, April was a month of crazy spending.  My head hangs lows, and my inner money-saving-cheap-ass is shaking her head at all my impulse buys.

I spent over $400 alone in April.  There were some unusual purchases this month including $100+ hair products to dye my hair blue, and a $90 prom ticket.  What I'm  most disappointed in myself was spending $100+ on shoes I will most likely never where out the house (more on this in a later post).

In the end, I'm not as immune to impulse buys than I thought I was.

I'm actually quite shocked that none of these outfits were repeated.  I definitely have a lot of clothes (but not as much as people would think).  That's the beauty of selling clothes online, I get to wear them a couple of times, sell them, and buy something new :)  For example, that blue Dickies overall dress I wore with my rainbow tights was $10 at Urban Outfitters and I sold it for $30.
April 1st
April 2nd
 April 3rd
 April 4th
 April 9th
 April 12th
 April 14th
 April 17th
 April 23rd
 April 24th
 April 26th
April 30th

Just to give an update on my current situation, April and May have been filled with scholarship applications, unnecessary amounts of assignments, play rehearsals, and weird sleeping patterns.

Hopefully June will include more bubble tea outings, thrifting, and simply hanging out with amazing friends.