Sunday, December 22, 2019

My Canon M50 (Ft. Toronto Christmas Market) !!!

I started this blog back in 2014 using the only camera I had - an iPhone.  A proper camera has been on my mind for the last 5 years and 2 days ago I finally got one!


The entirety of yesterday was spent wandering downtown with my friends Adelheid, Dana, and Serenity.  My camera arrived just in time for me to take it on a spin as we visited the Toronto Christmas Market.

As someone who grew up in Toronto, I have no idea how I never thought to visit the market until my friend mentioned it a few weeks ago.  There's a fair amount to see in terms of the food, shops, and decor.  We spent most of our time feasting on overly priced fair food and maneuvering through the crowded shops.  The experience reminded me of the St. Lawrence Market which is just a few minutes away.  It's got that same variety of food vendors and vintage stalls with an equal amount of hustle and bustle.  My only regret is that we couldn't stay past 6pm to experience the night crowd.

By the end of the day, I was so tired that I nearly missed my bus stop coming home.  I ended up snoozing at 8pm and waking up at 11pm thinking it was 5 in the morning.  Instead of going back to sleep I stayed up to edit these photos.

You best believe I bought this little rat fella.  They say to spend your money on what makes you happy.  ~this~ is the definition of what makes me happy.

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Toronto Pride 2019

Geese Dayz

The days are slow and yet my summer vacation is half way done?
I've settled into my place, but my days seem to waste away.
Somedays I go out for a jog down the bike trail.
Other days I work at my menial job that doesn't align with my values.  I stay because I need the money.
I have so many things to do.
When I go to bed, I close my eyes and feel the weight of all things not done.
One goes and another comes.
I want to be productive, just don't know where to start.
I yearn to wakeup with the sun.
Pick myself up.
Do something.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Malaysia Diaries May 2019: Last Few Days

It's very comforting living so close to all my extended family members; even if only for a couple weeks.  There's big family dinners and lots of socialization.  Sometimes it's exhausting keeping up with everyone's lives, but it's even harder when you live a 21 hour plane ride away.

When I was younger, I used to come to the Garden with my sister and Kong Kong.  We would spend hours in the park.  I felt very nostalgic visiting it this time around even if it was only for a short stroll.

At my uncle's wedding, I ran into one of his friends who went hiking with me in Cameron Highlands 6 years ago.  We managed to squeeze in one last hike at Ketumbar Hill before I got on the plane the next day.  It was great hike, but I am definitely not as fit as my former 13 year old self.  At least there were wild boar and monkeys at the top of the hill!

This fella loved me giving him a good ol' back scratch that he actually laid down haha.  He must have been really enjoying himself.  Glad I could be of service :)

Dinner at LK Soup House two nights in a row.

 Delicious Japanese cheesecake!

One last picture at the airport.

Now I've moved into my new place in Peterborough.  Here's to the rest of summer!

P.S. I miss you, Kong Kong.