Tuesday, September 25, 2018

I Graduated High School (like a couple months ago)!!!

Apparently I forgot to post the outfit I wore to my graduation.  Best late then ever.

I started sewing this dress the day before graduation and ended up finishing it at like 12:03pm the day of (when I was supposed to have been at school by 12pm).  Terrible construction, but managed to serve some decent looks for a couple hours if we ignore the fact that it was semi falling apart.

The belt I wore was actually supposed to be worn with my prom dress but since I had drastically changed my prom dress I never ended up needing it.  This was the perfect opportunity to wear it since I had spend countless hours hand sewing the beads on.  I'm trying to recall what tv show I would have binged while sewing it.  I'm leaning towards Masterchef.

Speaking of Masterchef, I finished the most recent season (I think it was 9).  I was rooting for Gerron and I'm so glad he won.

Returning to the outfit... the shoes are from Dolls Kill by the brand Sugar Thrillz and the bag is secondhand vintage.

I'm kinda sad my roots are growing out because the turquoise definitely looks better without the 2 inches of black on the top of my head.  I'm thinking that for my next hairstyle I'll do something like Anna's from X-Men.  What do you guys think?
Side note, I'm planing on posting a September recap just so I can get you guys caught up with my life now that I'm living in Peterborough with slightly more green hair :)