Thursday, December 31, 2015

Winter Hues Skater Blues

NEW YEARS EVE Just one last outfit post before the New Year!!!!! Ahh!!!  This one totally reminds me of an iceskating uniform.  It's super cozy and perfect to help bring on 2016.  A couples days ago we got a heavy amount of snow that painted the whole city white.  It was about time.  The best part was although there was snow everywhere, it wasn't windy and the temperature was just right so you didn't have to struggle with you ear and nose freezing as you try to survive the journey to and from the supermarket.  It was the perfect winter... for a day and then the temperature went back to 3 degrees and the snow became slush and rain.

I thrifted this sweater.  I love how the sleeves are longer than my arms.  The shorts are Aeropostale.  I'm never going to know where my tights are from except for my Urban Outfitters ones.  Socks I've have for years so in all honesty IDK.  The jacket (which you see in one of the later photos) is a Jones New York hand-me-down from my mom.

I've been thinking really hard about getting bangs and if I can pull them off.  I guess it would be the biggest way to welcome 2016.

Happy New Years Eve to you all and I hope 2016 is a flourishing year!  Thank you for all your support and for reading my posts and interacting in the comments <3  I've discovered so many amazing blogs this year that have really helped shaped my style.  If you look at the side bar there's a reading list of all my favourite blogs.  I love posting to this blog and have seen my style and my pictures grow and improve over time and this is such a cool hobby.

Lots of love,

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

December Issue 2015

LA FIN December was an intense month with teachers scrambling to give us every test and assignment they could squeeze in.  The first outfit I honestly forget if I wore to school but I really love this skirt that was my mom's previously.  It's a midi length and super stretchy.  I paired it with a stripped crop top for Aeropostale and the scarf was a souvenir from when I travelled to Malaysia to visit family.  It's got this really cool embroidery detail and I have been head over heels for embroidered pieces lately.  My windbreaker was thrifted. (just got to add that in there ha.)

This outfit I know for a fact I wore to school because this was the day the grade 8s came to our high school for open house and I stayed back with the drama kids to help and what not.  I also remember that I had a unit test for science the next day and if only you guys knew my science teacher...  Yeesh.  The ribbed sweater has been in my closet for so long that all I know is it's a hand-me-down.  My skirt however is vintage Guess that I thrifted over summer!!! <3  Such an awful shot because you can't even see the gorgeous details on the buttons.  Darn you selfie cam.

This top has a lacy front and I got it at Winners a couple years back.  I styled it in a previous post which I also showed a skirt that I sewed.  I didn't include this in that post because it didn't really fit in but I still adore the angle of it.  *This is for all you back fetish peeps trolling the internet.* 

There are so many sewing projects I gotta get started on especially for my school fashion show.

Yum Vietnamese food.  One of my favs.

Trying to make my own noodles. #asian

Shots I didn't include in a post.  Full outfit details there....

Always got to have those selfies.  I only like this because of the lip colour I'm wearing haha.  It's my favourite kind of colour.  Cool toned like my ice soul.

I've got friends who take art as one of their selectives so I visit it more often than a non-art student would.  It's just so beautiful.

Have to admit I'm quite obsessed with this metallic wall in my room.

Haha.  I remember when I first got Instagram (before my blog) I would screen shot all those 'relatable' posts because I followed too many 'relatable' accounts.  I've had to contain myself over the years because it began to take up too much unnecessary space.  However, in the spirit of Christmas...

I've really been getting into painting everything and anything.  This is a random psychology book my mom got from a friend forever ago.  I decided to keep it as my sketch book.

I had the arm-aching pleasure of hanging every single crystals you see here.  Broke a couple of sweats but it was worth it.


Saturday, December 26, 2015

Tied Up Like A Christmas Present!

CHRISTMAS GALORE! Apparently my calendar says it's December 26th and so does basically every calendar in the world unless you live ahead in the future and it's the 27th for you.  Well that just means you're even closer to 2016.  
The year is coming to an end!

 Sh*t I was gonna say 'It was only in 2009...' but even that was 7 years ago.  Anyways I remember 2009 going into 2010 was the strangest feeling an 8 year old could experience.  I'd say it wasn't until after 2 months of writing '20010' my brain caught on the memo that we reached double digits.  If 2009 wasn't mind boggling enough wait until 20100 2100.  If you're still around or if global warming hasn't killed us yet.

 Then leading up to 2012 was the most anti climatic years of my life.  The whole "The world is going to end because the Mayan calendar says so" was great for the box office, but honestly?  When January 1st 2013 came everyone was like "oh.. so the world isn't going to end?  Damn, on with life I suppose."

I actually moved homes which makes for good motivation because now my room will be brighter and less cluttered.  I was getting tired of finding placed inside the apartment to take pictures because I'm lacking a camera, tripod, and/or photographer.  Basically it's me, my clothes and Photo Booth.  I also haven't been leaving the house lately because of all the packing and moving and cleaning.  So to make my pictures more interesting I actually discovered this website that let's me doodle on my pictures called Ippicy and it's free!  'Bout time I discovered this site.

I think I'll be doing a December Issue and a 2015 Round-up.  If that ends up happening I'll link them.

I found this old skirt I sewed many years back and was so stocked that I could still wear it!  I never really knew how to style it so it never got any love but I realized that a cozy sweater and some nights would do the trick.

Top: American Apparel | Scarf: Thrifted | Skirt: Sewn by yours truly | Tights: Random (aren't they all)  | Jacket: Mom's Closet | Bag: Tommy Hilfiger

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Currently...Brain Throbbing...Night

It's  currently 1:29 am and I just got done a painting I'm giving my sister for Christmas.  I was feeling very inspired by abstract art and texture and collected some random pictures from the internet to share the feels with you guys .

My brain is starting to do that thing where it starts throbbing because I've been staring too long at the screen and it's pitch black in my room (hence 1:29 am).  Let's try and avoid glasses.  I'm going to sign off here.  What a strange time to be posting.   Oh well.   I've been sleeping extremely 'late' lately and that's a no no.  Shame on me.

Peace xoxo