Thursday, April 16, 2015

Liebster Tag (Get to know me)

UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL Hey!  So, a few days ago I was tagged by TheThirtySomethingLife and RoyallyRouge to do the Liebster Tag/Award.  What ever you wanna call it.


#1 Write the rules...
#2 Link the people who nominated you...
#3 List 11 Facts about yourself or just skip to #4...
#4 Answer the 11 questions given by the people who nominated you...
#5 List your 11 questions...
#6 Nominate 11 blogs you think deserve the recognition...
#7 Notify the people you nominated and give them the link to your post!

Shall we get started?

*Okee so I decided not to list 11 facts about me because the questions I'm about to answer pretty much sum up my life story so ya!

Questions from TheThirtySomethingLife:

#1 Do you keep a diary/journal?
I think we've all tried to at one point in our lives.  But, if you're like me they don't last long haha.

#2 What are you grateful for?
The amazing people who support me or encourage me to do what I love and even though they might not understand what the heck I'm wearing (lol) they play along. :)

#3 What's something you find challenging?
Teachers.  They are a confusing bunch of humans.  Sometimes I just don't know what they want from us?

#4 Do you consider yourself brave?
Yes and no.  I think it depends on the situation and the people I am with.  *not to be vague at all lol*

#5 What would you buy if you won the lottery?
This is a questions I definitely thought of a lot.  Let me just list them:

-Buy a nice house/apartment (because I'd have to be 18+ either way)
-Donate to WWF
-Go on a shopping spree and buy designer clothing (i.e. Chanel, Christian Louboutin, Chloé, Miu Miu, Vivenne Tam, Jonathan Saunders etc...)
-Buy a nice camera to take nice photos
-Travel the world with my friends (We plan on going to Paris)
-Invest in a company
-Start my own company/fashion label
-Take my friends out where ever
-IDK the options are endless...

But if I only won like $10 dollars from the lottery, then I'd just save it and maybe use it towards a new pair of shoes lol

#6 Are you an organized person

I like to think I am.  Maybe not the most organized but hey, I use this thing called an agenda and I actually write my homework in it.  That's already more the most people I know :)

#7 Who inspires you?
Tavi Genvinson is now at the top of my list, and Kristina Bazan.

#8 What motivates you?
The warm weather.  I tend to not want to curl up like a burrito in my bed sheets at 7am Monday morning.

#9 How did you come up with your blog name?
I actaully don't remember how I came up with "St Style" because it was such a long time ago.  It's a long story, but anyways I really like it ring to it. The "St" is my anitials and "Style" is just because I like style.  I also found it really cool that my initials are the first 2 letters of style and are beside each other in the alphabet.

#10 What's one hobby you have?

Besides this blog?  I'd have to say making Youtube videos for my Youtube channel.

#11 If you were an emoticon, which one would you be?

The alien head because I'm like the weirdest person ever...

Questions from RoyallyRouge:

#1 What colour do you think describes you and why?

I don't think there is a colour that describes me.

#2 If you were and animal what would you be?
Dolphin.  They always seem happy even though that may not be the case.  But, hey it'd been really cool to live underwater for a change.

#3 What's your favourite social media website?
My Instagram.  That's where I interact the most and discover amazing people and just fill my feed with inspiration.

#4 List 3 hobbies?
-Online shopping
-Looking up designers
-Hanging out with my best friends (they know who they are)

#5 What's your fave TV show/Series?
I have too many many to just single one out:

-Criminal Minds - Michael Grey Gubler is my life
-The Vampire Diaries - although Nina's leaving so idk what's gonna happen
-Carrie Diaries - Got cancelled but was really good
-Pretty Little Liars - even though I know they will come to an end once we find A
-Supernatural - Yass Castiel <3
-Bates Motel - Gunner's pretty hot and so is Dylan

I think that's it...
Anymore recommendations?

#6 Fave types of Youtube videos to watch?
Doesn't really matter.  I usually base that off of the Youtuber themselves.
But if I had to chose, then I like watching fashion lookbooks and makeup tutorials, and the occasional funny prank videos.

#7  Hair and eye colour? (Is your hair dyed or not?)
Before & After

Hair: Dark Brown - almost black and I did ombr√© it Eyes: Dark brown

#8 Biggest fear?
Messing up.  Or even more... SPIDERS

#9 3 Words that describe you?
Leave Me Alone

#10 Greatest Achievement?
Being confortable in wearing what I love to wear.

#11 If you could recommend a book for someone to read, what would it be and why?
Heres a few:

-The Fault In Our Stars - So emotional
-Little Brother - Relatable and action packed
-Harry Potter - Classic
-The Maze Runner Series - Just.So.Good.

Wow. Those were a lot of questions!

Here are mine:

#1 How would you explain your style?
#2 Favourite singers?
#3 Go to hair style?
#4 Favourite designer?
#5 Vine or Youtube?
#6 Any savvy shopping tips for saving money?
#7 Current favourite movie?
#8 Where do you draw your inspiration from?
#9 Cupcakes or Cake?
#10 Favourite school year and why?
#11 Best fashion item you like to shop for?

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  1. I loved reading your facts! I had NO idea you had a youtube channel, I'm glad I found out through my own question haha. Great post! XO - Kim