Saturday, April 4, 2015

Weekly Round Up #1

THE FIRST OF ITS KIND If you read my SPRING GOODIES post it blogged about a few posts back, then this post might seem quite similar.  I'm thinking of doing a Weekly Round Up post at the end of every week or so.  But, life happens, so I might not be the most consistent person ever.  But I shall try my best!

So, here goes...

Dior Sunglasses Since Spring is gradually making its way around the corner, Mr. Sun Shine has pleasantly decided the grace his self in our presence.  Much appreciated.  Thanks to those sun filled days of joy, I can finally bust out my good ol' Dior Glasses I got not too long ago in fall 2014.  I love then so much because they aren't like your really basic Ray-Bans.  

I'm currently on the hunt for really statement sunnies that will definitely be a conversation starter.  I think I'm leaning towards the Quay sunnies.  They are really bold and I love the patterns they sell.  On top of that, they are definitely more affordable than designer ones.  Maybe they'll be mine one day when I decide to splurge.

Rustic a midst city life Multiple times this week, I've been passing by this store on route to my original destination.  There's something about the way his building stands beside all the other stores is so mystifying.  FYI it's right beside KFC.  So, you get what I mean?  Ya.  I'm actually so curious to see the inside.  Yes, I do realize it says "Plumbing Supplies", and yes I'll probably be disappointed.  So, I guess I'll stick to admiring its exterior aesthetics.

Clinique Mascara I usually use my Maybelline mascara, but I found this Clinique one laying around the house one day and tried it.  So far, I like it.  It separates my lashes and gives them volume.  Not so much length, but the formula is still really nice.

Clouds On my way home from school I noticed something very intriguing in the clouds.  Just the way they are formed and how they were so soft and cartoon like.  Has anyone every seen clouds like that? This picture definitely does not capture its mesmerizing beauty which is really sad, but I hope one day you guys see it.  It's a true beau.

Socks and Sandals This week I've have been going to school in socks and sandals.  Like, almost everyday.  Just ask anyone I know.  It's honestly the smartest fashion decision I made because I don't know about you guys, but when the weather starts warming up but is still chilly, I'm so tempted to bust my summer gear.  But I can't because as I am human it's just too cold to do so.  My solution is to wear kawaii socks.  It's comfy, warm and trendy (at least in my opinion).  I used to see guys in nike slippers and socks and never understood their reasoning.  Now I do.

Healthy chips Have you ever tried veggie chips?  I don't exactly know the "technical" name for them, but they look sort of like this.  The only difference is that this one is gigantic!  Definitely picture worthy and hella photogenic.  Like seriously, why can't I be this photogenic?  It's not fair, this is a freaking chip for crying out loud!

Clean & Clean Skin Care IDK what to really say about this except that it worked really really well on my forehead.  I originally used it all over my face, but it was really drying.  So now, I only use it where needed. I.E. my forehead.  And That's it.  Now my skin has really cleared up!

Epi Bread So, there's this bread store near my house and everyone raves about it.  I'd never been, but I was eager to find out what all the fuss was about.  Eventually, the opportunity presented itself and I hopped on the band wagon.  I can finally understand why everyone raves about it.  From the minute I walked in, the atmosphere smelled of pastries and fresh bread.  Heavily.

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