Friday, March 2, 2018

University Offers + March Break Plans + Catching Up - Life Update

Jacket Thrifted
Shirt Thrifted
Pants Thrifted
Christian Dior Reversible Belt Thrifted
Headpiece UO

It has been so long since I've written a blog post.  I almost don't know where to start.

I got offers from all the universities I applied to!  This has been a super exciting experience and I love every minute I get closer to actually living out my uni experience.  Guelph and Trent are my top choices, but it seems like I'm leaning towards Trent.  I got an offer to their Medical Professional Stream, which is a program you take alongside your bachelors and provides you with mentorship, wonderful opportunities, and a great group of like-minded individuals.  I suppose more updates shall follow this about accepting, moving in, and yaddi yaddi ya. (!!!!)

Keeping on trend with this excitement (!!!!!!), I'm going on a school trip to Rome and Greece over the March Break!  I don't think I've made any sort of mention about this incredible opportunity, but I am so stoked to immerse myself in the culture, history, and beauty of these countries.  I plan on documenting every single day of the trip, so please keep me accountable.  I leave in six days...

Also, Demi is currently touring.  The coolest part is that she is coming to Toronto on my birthday!  Unfortunately (but really not that unfortunate) I will be celebrating my bday on the trip :)

Man, I it's so hard to resist the urge not to put an exclamation point after every sentence.

All these photos are ones that never ended up being enough for their own post.  I've been working on a year-long project that I plan on releasing here January of 2019.  So Although I haven't been posting much, I've definitely been taking at least one outfit photo a month for this secret project.  Sneak peeks of said project can be found on my blog and Instagram because I couldn't help myself (but I don't blatantly state that's what they were from).

As for other bits and bobs I'm doing...
I've got my play performance in May
I'm still sewing my prom dress for May?June? (I don't actually remember when it is)
The HOSA conference is the end of March, so I need to study study study
Oh and did I mention Demi is touring

I've basically put this post together because I missed blogging and wanted to share some cool pics from my phone.

At the beginning of January, I visited the Christian Dior Exhibition at the ROM with my friends Charlotte, Iris, and Terresa.  It was such an incredible experience getting to see up close the intricacy of each garment.  Although they did provide further pictures of the garments on a little screen, I would have loved if every garment had these extra pictures and lots more of them.  The garments were beautiful and because you couldn't touch them, I thought the set up of the exhibition didn't do them justice.  At least I've got a ROM membership (which my mom so generously gifted me for Christmas) so I am going again this Sunday.

Purse + Book Thrifted
Cat Jacket Thrifted
Scarf Hand-me-down (HMD)
Skirt Sewn by Me
Rainbow Fishnet Tights Christmas Gift
Shoes Aldo
Cat Jacket Thrifted
Leggings Lululemon
Shoes New Balance
Glasses Unknown (from Pacific Mall)

Thank you for reading!