Thursday, October 22, 2015

Thursday Inspiration: Creatures of Tweed

Topshop A While Back

The day I created my blog the domain name I wanted was taken so i reverted to using buzztosophia as a temporary name.  If you keep up with me through other platforms like Instagram and Twitter, then you know that buzztosophia is the username I use.  It's been a while now and I've finally decided on a name that I really like for my URL.  Creatures of Tweed.  It kind of looks like weed when you first glance at it which is ironic because if you know me then you know I'm nowhere near like that haha.  Anyone else see weed?

Here's a few bits of inspiration to get you through the week because I'm supposed to be worrying on a comparative paragraph due tomorrow but I ended up here instead.  It seems to happen a lot lately.  Also,  has anyone heard Demi Lovato's song Stone cold from her latest album Confident?  It's my life right now.  She is also a huge inspiration.



Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Miu Miu Spring Ready-To-Wear 2016

The Miu Miu Spring Ready-To-Wear 2016 has got to one of my favourites from this season.  Miu Miu is one of those brands that when you first discover it, it's like this whole other wave of emotions and creative juice that come crashing over you and inspire you the more you follow and the longer you admire it.  Of course I wouldn't be able to say it's a hidden gem, because lets be honest, everyone knows Miu Miu.  

Specifically in this collection, I head over heels fell in love with their transposing and exposing what's on the inside.  There's so much mystery in this collection, from the colours, textiles, cuts, and layering.  Ugh I absolutely love layering.  People have this misconception that spring is all bright florals and flouncy fabrics, but truth be told it can be a lot darker than we make it out.  The models  and make up fit so well with the set up that I only wish I was at the show to see them walk live.

Lace and undergarments are huge these days and Miu Miu so effortlessly captures undergarments and cover ups in the most simplest "ready to wear" way.  It's enchanting and powerful.  these models look like royal.  Well Done Miu Miu.

Which one was your favourite look from Miu Miu? You can link a picture to it in the comments.  Or tell me what your favourite show this season was?  I'd love to know.

Here's more inspiration that remind me of this collection:

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Nuit Blanche 2015

I can finally say that I experienced the night life.

A few days ago I went to Nuit Blanche with a couple friends and left at 1 in the morning!  What?  I feel like as a teenager there's this obligation that you need to experience the night life.  Perhaps that's just my thinking.  But if there's one thing for sure that I know it's that the night life isn't as fun as people may make it out.  Night is a time when creepy strangers inhabit the streets; smokers, drugies, homeless people etc.  It's all fun and games at 11pm, but when 12 hits it's a whole new environment. To escape the streets we hit up a toasty dinner right beside a police station haha(not actually our first intentions), and each ordered a side of fries.  I got sweet potato fries to be exact.  
Do you guys like sweet potato fries?  
They are the bomb!  Well, potatoes in general are may absolute favorite!!!  Hip Hip for Starch! Hip Hip for Starch! 

In a sum, Nuit Blanche is a popular art event in Toronto the starts at 7 and proceeds 'till dawn.  Their's a lot of walking involved but it's really entertaining if you go in a group.  Through all the commotion I managed to snap some shots of a few pieces of art we saw.  The wall explosion is hands down my favourite.

I didn't actaully wear this to Nuit Blanche, it's sort of a long-ago outfit I never posted.  I wasn't able to get a clear picture of my outfit seeing that it was "la nuit", but come on, this thrifted Whinnie the Pooh button-up totally deserves a mention on the blog!

I paired it over this vibrant sweater from H&M, pleather shorts from Forever21, random black tights, shoes from Winners, and a Tommy Hilfiger Bag.  What are your go to colours?

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Christian Dior Cruise/Resort 2016

*I wrote this report a few months back. I was scrolling through my older posts when I realized that I hadn't posted this one! What? I only write runway reports that I absolutely love so it wouldn't make sense if I just kept this in my private archive.  Better late then ever! <3

I am seriously falling madly and deeply in love with the Cruise/Resort collections that have been circulating the fast paste fashion industries.  Once again, I have yet to be let down my Dior's collections.  This time I am completely blown away.  This has got to be on my top 10 collections so far!

Le Palais Bulle is exactly as it is named.  A massive architectural master piece of terracotta bubbles.    The design really feels like you're under the sea *Insert Ariel music here*.  It's got such a solemn mysterious ora and manages to capture the clothing.  Over past experience I've learned that when designing and constructing buildings, round shapes are always the hardest to manipulate and the amount of workmanship put in is double.  Just imaging how many "Bulles" had to be made in order to achieve this setting?!

Let me know if I'm not the only one, but they reminded me of a scuba diver's head piece!

Pictures from

Monday, October 5, 2015

September Issue: 2015

Brought to you all today is a new series on my blog!  It's going to be a monthly article of a bunch of photos I took.  We'll see how long this lasts, because as you may know, my weekly round ups didn't last too long.  This should be easier to keep track off.  If you guys have any suggestions for my monthly issues perhaps let me know!

The top picture was taken at a book store.  I was looking through the Rookie  yearbooks because I'm really excited for the Rookie tour!  Are you guys going to the meet ups near your place?  I'm just so excited I even have a count down in my school agenda.  Just something to look forward to.

The next few pictures were me attempting to be really mysterious in a mini photo shoot I did on Photobooth.  I actually think some of the photos turned out quite vintage.  Others, well I didn't include them because they were not that photogenic haha.

Lace top: Winners Floral dress: Hand-me-down Jeans: Thrifted

Top: Thrifted Jeans: Thrifted

Sewing Project.  Sneak Peak!

Distressing some shorts and coolest nail polish combo!

Beautiful little nook.

I've been obsessed with crowns and this beautifully detailed metal belt.

H&M Textiles <3  via my Instagram

Tights: UO