Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Christian Dior Cruise/Resort 2016

*I wrote this report a few months back. I was scrolling through my older posts when I realized that I hadn't posted this one! What? I only write runway reports that I absolutely love so it wouldn't make sense if I just kept this in my private archive.  Better late then ever! <3

I am seriously falling madly and deeply in love with the Cruise/Resort collections that have been circulating the fast paste fashion industries.  Once again, I have yet to be let down my Dior's collections.  This time I am completely blown away.  This has got to be on my top 10 collections so far!

Le Palais Bulle is exactly as it is named.  A massive architectural master piece of terracotta bubbles.    The design really feels like you're under the sea *Insert Ariel music here*.  It's got such a solemn mysterious ora and manages to capture the clothing.  Over past experience I've learned that when designing and constructing buildings, round shapes are always the hardest to manipulate and the amount of workmanship put in is double.  Just imaging how many "Bulles" had to be made in order to achieve this setting?!

Let me know if I'm not the only one, but they reminded me of a scuba diver's head piece!

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