Monday, November 6, 2017

Strange Patterns Even Stranger Things

Your girl started watching Strangers Things this Saturday :o

Yes I have become one among millions of viewers.  It's interesting because I never had a strong desire to watch the show.  I was content with Riverdale and Criminal Minds; my two current shows.

But I didn't have ANY homework over the weekend.  I didn't have any shows to watch since I was all caught up.  It seemed like the right time to get sucked into another show :)

I tend to do this "thing" with shows that I don't watch. I just stalk the cast on Insta and watch all their promo interviews on YT.  It's pretty cool that you can just fall in love with a cast just based on their personalities and camaraderie without watching their work.

Said "thing" was done with the cast of Teen Wolf (among others), and Stranger Things.

Going into S01E01 I already knew the main cast and some spoilers.  But that didn't take away from the enjoyment factor.  It was like a really long thriller movie.  Was it my favourite?  No.  That 70's Show will probably always be my favourite show (#HydeAndJakieForever).

I enjoyed Stranger Things because it is cinematically beautiful, the actors are talented, the thrill is captivating, and there was only 8 episodes in the first season, which makes for a good excuse to binge it all over the weekend.  Though I have to admit I was pretty disappointed that I couldn't start and finished all of season 2 this weekend since the episodes are 56 mins long!

I also don't have any homework today, which is surprising.  So, you know what I'll be doing tonight!  Don't worry I'm also somewhat productive when I watch it.  I'm currently working on a sewing project.
Sweater thrifted
Skirt Rue 21
Tights unknown
Ring and earrings F21 (though I rarely feel the need to shop there anymore)
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I'm trying this new format of writing where I have more paragraphs but of shorter lengths.  I found while reading other blogs that I quite prefer reading like this.


Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Can't think of a title right now. All I now is Demi is going on tour next year! Also, Criminal Minds and Riverdale air tonight!

Every now and then, I feel suffocated in a world of constant consuming.  

I used to adore beauty Youtubers.  I had started following their channels well before being a “Youtuber” was a well-known occupancy.  They would do makeup hauls, clothing hauls, tutorials, and wish list videos.  I just remember being brainwashed into wanting all the products they had.  I wanted to constantly go shopping to buy new things.  But of course, I couldn’t afford to constantly spend my mom's money.  I still can't afford it that matter. 

I was raised in a fairly frugal way of living, which only made me feel more ashamed of myself.  Fashion can be toxic.  That's a pretty well-known fact.  But I'm a blogger.  I love clothes.  Most people tell me I should become a "designer".  The fact is, I don't think I would be content working in the fashion industry.

Everything I put in my blog-whether that be my photos or my writing-it's all very personal.  I have never written or included photos of anything that didn't remotely inspire or motivate me.  The one exception would be my first and last makeup post.  That was just me at the start of my blogging days, trying to blend Youtubing and Blogging into one entity.  Trying to write about things I wasn't all too passionate about.  That didn't last very long.

All those beauty Youtubers I used to watch, I no longer do.  They've evolved (most into "lifestyle" Youtubers whatever that entails), and I've evolved.  I've found a more sincere and humbling connection to those that don't make videos full time.  We all have lives outside of the internet and I think it's important we are conscious enough to put a barrier between the two.
I also think it's important for me to not let fashion overrule my decisions.  To take my time and find what inspires me.  To wear what I want to wear.

Everything thrifted aka the best way to live life.
My thoughts were pretty all over the place.  Hopefully, I was somewhat legible?

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