Monday, July 30, 2018

#StayStrongDemi much love, Sophia

This Tuesday was a very scary time for anyone who cares about Demi.  I can't speak for her and her life, but I want her to know and to see how much people love and support her.

Everything I know about her hospitalization and months prior are solely based on the Internet and whatever false/inaccurate information floating around.  I am not one to make any assumptions about someone else's life and therefor chose to only believe what she chooses to tell us, if the time is right, and she wants to.

But, all the out pour of love these past few days has truly warmed my heart.  It made me think about all the years I have spent watching Demi on TV, listening to her songs, and growing up with her.

A couple days ago Demi was scheduled to perform at Atlantic City.  Since she couldn't make it, a group of Lovatics came together to the stage Demi was supposed to perform at and sang a bunch of her songs.  How I wish I could have gone!  This brought tears to my eyes.

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So in this post, I just wanted to look back on all the times Demi touched my heart and made an imprint on my life.  If there are Demi moments you'd like to share leave them in the comments <3

Ignore below IG vid (I couldn't help myself πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)

Camp Rock - 2008
 This Is Me - Demi

Don't Forget Album  - 2008
La La Land - Demi

Sonny With A Chance - 2009
So Far So Great - Demi
Me, Myself and Time - Demi (2010)

Princess Protection Program - 2009
Her iconic cow cap in her iconic yogurt scene
One and The Same - Demi and Selena

Here We Go Again Album - 2009
For the Love of a Daughter - Demi
 Remember December - Demi

Camp Rock The final Jam - 2010
Can't Back Down - Demi
Wouldn't Change a Thing - Jemi
Unbroken Album - 2011
Skyscraper - Demi
Give Your Heart a Break - Demi
Demi Album - 2013
Heart Attack - Demi
Made in the USA -  Demi
Warrior - Demi
In Case - Demi
Nightingale - Demi

Neon Lights Tour - 2013

Can't find my photos of when I went to her concert :(

My Grade 8 French Monologue Presentation - 2013

Frozen - 2013
Let It Go - Demi

Rihanna Cover - 2014
 Stay - Demi

Confident Album - 2015
Stone Cold - Demi (Live in the recording studio)
Stone Cold - Demi (Live at the Billboard's Women in Music Event)
Lionheart - Demi
Yes - Demi
Father - Demi

Live Lounge - 2015
Take Me To Church - Demi

Adele Cover - 2015
Hello - Demi

Tell Me You Love Me Album - 2017
Tell Me You Love Me - Demi

 Smoke and Mirrors - Demi

Somos Live! Benefit Concert for Hurricane Victims -2017
Hallelujah - Demi
Simply Complicated Documentary - 2017

Just for Laughs - 2018
 Snow in Face - Demi

Christina's Liberation Album - 2018
Fall in Line - Demi and Christina

Rock in Rio - 2018
Sober - Demi

We love you,

Monday, July 9, 2018

Day 11 & 12 March Break Trip: Mykonos to Athens to Toronto

Day 10 (March 18) we started to make our way back home.  But we got to spend the morning doing whatever in Mykonos.  Nancy and I went back to the more expensive food market because the AB Food Market is closed on Sundays.  We bought supplies for another crafty lunch!  We also found out that morning that there was a marathon going on.  Children and adults were running past us, music was blaring, and there was a huge crowd cheering them on at the finish line.  What shocked me was how that many people just appeared on the island.  Did they live there?  Did they take the ferry over?

After lunch, we went back out on the streets.  This mini adventure included our typical run-in with the local cats and dogs, souvenir shopping, and squeezing our way through an incredibly small gap between two buildings.  Sylvia and I made friends with a cat and it followed us almost all the way back to the hotel (if not for the mini sand beach it dared not cross).

Mykonos is a beautiful island and I would love to come back during a more busy season when the island is in full swing.  I also recently found out that Lindsay Lohan has a bar there and I've seen a couple photos of her relaxing there.  It's weird to think she and I went to the same place.  What an icon.

This is the Blue Star Ferry that we took to arrive and depart the island.  Crazy nice inside.  This ferry took us back to Athens where we took a short bus ride to a city just outside Athens and where our hotel was that we previously stayed.  Only this time we stayed at a hotel just opposite.  Our morning call time was something like 4 am so we tried to stay up all night.  We walked to Athens (~20 min) and got gelato.  We also hit up a gas station mart and got creme cheese, croissants, and more lemon cookies!  Then we went back to our hotel and watched a movie (which movie? beats me).  In the end I crashed and had about a two hour nap before it was time to get up again.

Our layover flight was in Germany.  We found out that our flight was overbooked and the airport staff were asking if people would want to stay back four days and be re-compensated like 900 euros.  We were very tempted and I honestly probably would have taken the offer if I wasn't traveling with a group.

When I got back to Canada it was like nothing really changed (except for me crashing at 10 pm for the rest of the week).  There's a certain rush and high you get from being in a new environment.  If I get the chance, I would love to learn more of the Italian language, but also improve my French speaking skills.  I've been in French Immersion since kindergarden and I still feel embarrassed when asked to speak French to locals.

I freaking love Europe.  I'm thinking of taking a year to study abroad there.  

Something cool I discovered is that visiting big cities like Rome and Athens didn't feel far off from Toronto (besides the unbeatable architecture), which makes me appreciate the city I live in much more.  This summer I've been exploring downtown a lot more.  I went on a mini ROM Walks tour around the Arts and Entertainment District yesterday and learned a lot about commissioned art installations around every block and the history of Toronto that I never knew before.  I've been downtown countless times but never stopped to admire the details.  I also discovered how beautiful walking out west along Harbourfront and through Ontario Place is.  I always thought I had done everything there was to do in Toronto that didn't cost a fortune.  Man, was I wrong.

Traveling with really good friends is a blast.  Sena and I have dreamed of going to Paris together since middle school.  Hopefully someday our dream will come true and you might just read about it here!  We also planned on sharing an apartment together.  That's a topic for another post someday.

Anyways, this is the last post from my March Break Trip to Rome and Greece 2018.  It took awhile for all the post to go up, but I'm glad it's done.  As much as I love when bloggers post super long update posts with tons of photos, this was gonna be way too lengthy and had to be split up.  Now I can spend more time living in the moment than trying to relive the past (and also get more fashion related posts up cuz I miss those).  Grazie mille for reading, especially those of you who have read this series start to finish.  Here's to new adventures!


Sunday, July 8, 2018

Day 10 March Break Trip: Mykonos + My 18th Birthday!

Day 10 (March 17) began with an early morning jog through the winding curves of the Greek island, Mykonos.  It was about an hour long jog of beautiful mountains and sea.  You can't tell in the picture above, but on the other side of the road there was a little green hill filled with green shrubs that looked like the trolls from Frozen.

On our jog back to the Hotel, we came across a herd (?) of chickens.  Okay, I just googled the collective noun for chickens: Brood/Peep.  Now we know.

Then we got a bit daring and veered off the road to go hike through a bunch of rocks and we found a carcass of some big animal.

After the jog, we came back to the hotel, freshened up, and went for breakfast.  By we I mean Natalie and I.

Once our group was assembled, we headed out for more exploring, lunch, and picture taking.  Of course, there were a ton of adorable cats and dogs everywhere just chilling in the cool afternoon breeze.

Over there by the windmills we found an adorable dog and I was rubbing his belly.

You can see me holding my own lemon cookies lol.

For lunch we made our way to our favourite market; The AB Food Market.  Now that we were familiar with what to buy, we stocked up on food like bread, salami, salad, tomatoes etc...  We also got a bit adventurous and bought some sweets.  It was at time that we discovered how delicious lemon cookies are.  We devoured the entire roll and just had to make our way back there.  We bought all of them lol, but there still wasn't enough for everyone so we tried looking for some at other markets.  Like I said, AB Market had the cheapest lemon cookies.  But we did find an outdoor vendor and purchased a whole head of romaine lettuce for 1 euro!  There was also a school across the AB Market.


This is the blue opal crystal ring my friends bought me.  I was looking forward to doing lots of shopping in Mykonos, but that clearly didn't happen with all the stores being closed or too expensive.

For dinner our whole school group went out to eat at one of the restaurants facing the water.  I ordered the salmon pasta.  And at the end of service I was surprised with a chocolate cake dessert!