Sunday, July 8, 2018

Day 10 March Break Trip: Mykonos + My 18th Birthday!

Day 10 (March 17) began with an early morning jog through the winding curves of the Greek island, Mykonos.  It was about an hour long jog of beautiful mountains and sea.  You can't tell in the picture above, but on the other side of the road there was a little green hill filled with green shrubs that looked like the trolls from Frozen.

On our jog back to the Hotel, we came across a herd (?) of chickens.  Okay, I just googled the collective noun for chickens: Brood/Peep.  Now we know.

Then we got a bit daring and veered off the road to go hike through a bunch of rocks and we found a carcass of some big animal.

After the jog, we came back to the hotel, freshened up, and went for breakfast.  By we I mean Natalie and I.

Once our group was assembled, we headed out for more exploring, lunch, and picture taking.  Of course, there were a ton of adorable cats and dogs everywhere just chilling in the cool afternoon breeze.

Over there by the windmills we found an adorable dog and I was rubbing his belly.

You can see me holding my own lemon cookies lol.

For lunch we made our way to our favourite market; The AB Food Market.  Now that we were familiar with what to buy, we stocked up on food like bread, salami, salad, tomatoes etc...  We also got a bit adventurous and bought some sweets.  It was at time that we discovered how delicious lemon cookies are.  We devoured the entire roll and just had to make our way back there.  We bought all of them lol, but there still wasn't enough for everyone so we tried looking for some at other markets.  Like I said, AB Market had the cheapest lemon cookies.  But we did find an outdoor vendor and purchased a whole head of romaine lettuce for 1 euro!  There was also a school across the AB Market.


This is the blue opal crystal ring my friends bought me.  I was looking forward to doing lots of shopping in Mykonos, but that clearly didn't happen with all the stores being closed or too expensive.

For dinner our whole school group went out to eat at one of the restaurants facing the water.  I ordered the salmon pasta.  And at the end of service I was surprised with a chocolate cake dessert!

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