Saturday, February 2, 2019

January Recap: My Financial Goals

 Looking back on this month what stands out is that I started my new job at The Seasoned Spoon.  It's my first legit job with a legit paycheck!  Having a source of income has set me back on track with my budget and savings goals.  I can spend hours tweaking my Excel spreadsheets and it's so satisfying to figure out new functions on my own.

One of my spreadsheets is dedicated to my savings goals.  This includes retirement, house downpayment, my emergency fund, and other sinking funds (education, study abroad, etc).  I'm fortunate in a sense that my mom is adamant on paying for my undergrad, which allows me to focus on other goals.

The cold weather got me thinking about summer a lot.  What am I going to be doing for four months?!  I'm hoping to score a job working with animals and have even thought about taking on two jobs.  Seeing how far I have to reach some of my bigger savings goals is really motivating me to make the most of my summer and hustle hustle hustle!

January was also the month of house hunting.  I'm sad to report I have yet to secure a place for next school year.  It's stressful and time consuming but hopefully when I report back for February I'll have found something.

Since we're on the topic of money, I should introduce  the first of my monthly challenges I will attempting for the rest of 2019.  February's challenge is a no spend challenge.  I am challenging myself to not spend any money besides necessities.  Not only is this a good practice to do once in a while to save money, it also speaks to a lot of environmental issues we face today.  CONSUMERISM.  It's become part of western culture and is extremely unhealthy!  I've been quite mindful about consuming single use plastics and living more sustainably.  Fast food, take out, and shopping produce in awful amount of single use plastics.  Think about all those plastic straws, styrofoam containers, and shopping bags you use once and chuck in the trash.  Convenience needs to stop being so damn ingrained in our way of living.  We should be taking the time to cook healthy meals at home, brewing coffee at home, and appreciating the simple things in life.

I would encourage everyone to take on a no spend challenge whether it be for a week, month, or year.    I hope it will encourage you to live ethically, sustainably, and frugally.  We could all use a deep cleaning detox in our lives.  Ring in 2019 with a more positive mindset towards Earth and respecting the wonderful things nature has to offer us.


Eating Out: $97.42
Groceries: $23.15
Phone: $16.95
Clothing: $22.21
Miscellaneous: $52.39

TOTAL: $212.12


To be fair, I did use a lot of gift cards for my purchases this month and still counted them towards my spending...

Eating out is still a major category that I over spend in.