Friday, October 2, 2020

Lots of walking + Lots of food!

September 20, 2020

My mom lives about a 2 hour drive from me.  And I just love it every time she visits.  We always eat amazing food and make an effort to walk/jog around town.

A couple weeks ago, she came to visit me for the day.  At around 11am, we decided to visit Jackson Park for a stroll.  I brought her to the same area that I had previously visited with my housemates, but we also covered a lot more ground.  We even tried to walk through the creek with our bare feet, though we didn't last long because the water was way colder than we expected!

After walking around for an hour, we were more than ready to grab some lunch.  So, we decided to go the the Kettle Drum.  Now, my mom and sister have already been here, but I hadn't.  And I have to say, I really loved the food!  We really went all out for lunch, ordering mussels, pizza, and a steak sandwich with a beet salad.  I would absolutely recommend their PEI mussels, steak sandwich, and beet salad!  I didn't know a beet salad could be so amazing, but it was and I am really eager to buy some beets next time I go grocery shopping :)

Stuffed from lunch, we came back to my house to relax a bit.  We watched one of the most intense Criminal Minds episodes (yes, I cried), napped, then went on a 40 minutes jog down the trail.  Oh, and I also brought my mom to the labyrinth garden and had her try some raw kale lol.

As soon as we finished our jog, it was time for dinner!  We ate at a new Vietnamese restaurant downtown called Hanoi and shared a large $12 bowl of pho.  It's definitely a great place to share a meal with someone!

After dinner, we said our good-byes, and she drove back home.  I really look forward to the next time she visits, which should be sometime in October!!!