Sunday, September 13, 2020

Mornings under the pouring rain

It's raining this morning, but we didn't turn back as we crossed over the bridge and sat by the river.  You poured us coffee and we sat under the rain - you dipping your feet into the water.  We talked about dreams, memories, singing plants, and Coraline.  The rain was still pouring down as we had our last sips.  Together, we walked back up the path and kept on walking further out.  Out to the labyrinth garden where the Nichol's grow kale, cabbage and tomatoes.  It was a beautiful garden and someday I wish one of my own - one with lemon and lime trees, and with rabbits coming and going.  The raw kale tasted so good - the other plants you tried to eat, I'm not so sure.  And as we made our way back, we stumbled down a another path.  A path with big, white mushrooms and beautiful flowers that we both picked.  The path lead back to the bridge and we headed back home.  Thank you, Dana.  I had a wonderful morning.

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