Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Eye See Fuzzy Wuzzy

Hey everyone!  Things have been getting quite busy lately and I just want to let you all know that just in case I don't post as often.  I have a lot of projects and assignments for school and things are busy busy busy.

I also want to let you all know that I had to create a new youtube channel because there were to many complications one my previous one.  I'd love it if you guys could check it out and maybe subscribe?

Anyways, on to the outfit.  Can we just talk about this bag?  *Moment on silence and appreciation as the spotlight shines down on this marvellous beaut*  A while back I was rummaging through a stack of fabrics I had at home in the storage.  I ended up pulling this one out because it really caught my eye and brought back good memories.

When I was younger, I used the same fabric to sew a teddy bear.  It was a project for my mom and I.  It took months of on-and-off work and in the end I don't know where it is haha.  But, good memories nonetheless.  So, using the same fabric I took to Youtube and followed a video on how to make a clutch.  I had just modified mine a bit.  For this look, I actually inserted my purse and used the straps.  Worked out pretty fine if you ask me :)  I can't wait to get more use out of it!

On another note, I've been really into layering tank tops this spring.  They keep you just warm enough for those not-so-kinda-chilly days.  I'm absolutely loving how the leather collar peaks out and adds more structure and frame.

I hope you all enjoyed this outfit and tell me in the comments what your favourite trend for this spring is!  I wouldn't want to miss out on anything!

Outfit of the day:
Jacket: Forever21
Tank top: Brandy Melville
Collared blouse: Nichole Miller
Shorts: Aeropostale
Tights: Random pair
Shoes: G.H. Bass & Co.
Bag: DIY
Rings: H&M


  1. Cute outfit, looks good on you :)
    Love Lynda

  2. I am in love with everything about this outfit! Gorgeous -- as always! XO -Kim

  3. Looks great! Very nice blog you have!


  4. amazing! <3