Sunday, August 30, 2015

Vintage Nike

The first time I ever went to Kensington Market it was for a geography class trip.  It was cold, it was empty, and it was mandatory.  Kensington Market is in Downton Toronto and is a National Historic Site of Canada (according to Google).  Our main focus there was to try different culture foods and report about them.  So when my friends and I went there, we pretty much walked around like lost children in a hay stack looking for food that we could report about just to get it over with.  We weren't actually told about all the other cool stores that were there and where to look.  So, when I went again with my sister just a few days ago I was a bit sceptical that I would enjoy myself there even though I had read really good reviews about Kensington Market at 11pm the night before.

If you're ever in Toronto, I would recommend checking Kensington Market out.  But only if it's a warm summer day.  No wind, no clouds, no rain, no snow.  Then you will make the most of it.  There's street art everywhere.  The perfect touristy photo op.  But what I enjoyed most there the second time I went were the vintage stores.  Once you find one store, you've found them all.  They're not scattered randomly throughout the neighbourhood.  They're one beside the other so you can easily hop in and hop out and move on to the next.  Some vintage stores are more expensive than others but are still sick to browse around!

The only clothing thing I picked up was this really cool vintage Red Socks tee from Nike.  To be honest I didn't really realize it was a Red Socks tee until the next day when I was wearing it and a boy walking by said "Big Red Socks Fan Hunh?".  Ya.  Awkward.  I just really like the look of it.  I guess I should have known since it is Nike.  Whoops.  You can probably tell I don't keep up with sports.  But whatever,  I still love it.  And the fact that I only paid $5 (on sale) for it makes me love it even more.  Go Red Socks!


Another thing I noticed this time around is that if you are looking for really cool and affordable sunnies, this is your jackpot.  You can definitely get sunnies there for less than $10.  It's amazing.  I saw these wicked cool cat eyed turquoise tinted sunnies that I had to have, unfortunately could not justify it.

Outfit Details:
Top: Vintage Nike
Pleather Pants: Ann Taylor via Goodwill!
Sunnies: The Black Martket (Check them out here too)
Necklace: H&M
Rings: H&M
Shoes: Nike 5.0
Backpack: Under1Sky *

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Queen Street West

These past few days have been spent roaming the busy streets of my city.  For years I have always driven past the lively lights, trendy coffee shops, and hip vintage stores.  Never have I ever actually taken time in my day to truly appreciate them.  Walking down Queen is such a wonderful experience whether your a tourist or pure Torontonian.  There's so much street art, so many stores - main stream or not, and lots of other people just roaming around doing exactly what you are doing.  It's not like those other busy streets where everyone is trying to get from point A to point B and don't even stop to acknowledge their surroundings.

One of the stores I stopped at was called The Black Market.  It was a dimly light shop where you had to walk 2 flights of steps just to reach the bottom.  Loud music is blasting and the place is packed with racks on racks of clothing and accessories.  Sketchy, no?  The sunnies I'm wearing in this post were from there and were $10.  I later found out a better place to get really cheap sunglasses that do n't even look cheesy.  Kensington market is that place people!

I only wish I took more photos but for some reason my phone kept dying even when I know I had 60%.  It's an IPhone 4s so I guess I have to understand that it's old for its time.  Hopefully the next phone I get (I'm hoping for an IPhone 6) will be an upgrade and have better camera quality.  I also heard that the IPhone 7 is rumoured to have  DSLR camera quality pictures which is insane!  But also super expensive.

In this post I talked about my jean jacket.  Well ta-da!  I finally took the time to sew on some patches and place the pins.  It's just about done.  For now :)  I'm hopping to collect more cool pins throughout my lifetime and use this jacket like a memory box.

I also am thinking of hunting for another jean jacket or varsity-like bomber jacket but this time to soley put vintage patches on.  I think it would look sick!

The back of the jacket says "ROOKIE".  If you know Tavi Gevinson you'd understand.  If you don't know who I'm talking about, well you do have Google.  Use it :)


Outfit Details:
Top: Aeropostale
Jeans: Hollister
Jean Jacket: Thrifted and DIY
Shoes: American Eagle
Sunnies: The Black Market
Bag: Danier Leather via handbag fundraising auction

Monday, August 24, 2015

Loud And Proud

Because school is yes slowly creeping itself around the corner, who wouldn't say no to a little "back-to-school shopping"?  So that's what I did.  Though I'd have to congratulate myself for not going ham at the mall.  For me, back-to-school shopping is popping down to the border to visit the states and hit up the buffalo malls.  However this time around I didn't find much that intrigued me except for when I got to H&M.  For some reason, although H&M's regular priced items can get pretty steep pretty darn fast, theirs sales are incredibly affordable!  The geometric print shorts I'm wearing costed me a good $7.  Now that's a bang for you bucks.  It also makes we wonder the actual manufacturing cost of clothing compared to retail.  Company's must be earning and generous profit.

Usually I'd tell people that I'm a hardcore Forever21 fan (do not get me wrong I still love their pieces) but now a days I feel as if Forever21 prices are going up, up and away.  H&M on the other hand, although they have very expensive prices, their sales are still the best in my opinion and the quality is better.  I mean if you could really see these shorts in person you'd have thought I paid $50 for these, which I would have had to if not for the sale ;)

I seriously cannot wait to wear these to school in the fall/winter seasons.  Paring these with solid black tights and a cozy sweater...mmmm.  Now that's what I'm taking about.

I guess the one good thing about going back to school is the sudden rush of fashion inspiration I always seem to get.  I'll be going into grade 10 this school year and hope that it'll be a good one.  Good teachers, good classes, good people, good grades, good times.

I start September 8th but I know others may start earlier.   When's your first day of school?


Outfit details:
Top: Rebel Sugar
Shorts: H&M
Necklace: H&M

Saturday, August 15, 2015

All Summer Long

 About 3 weeks ago I went on a quick road trip to the States with my mom to Webster, NY.  It's a much smaller, quieter, you-NEED-a-car-to-get-around sort of place which is very different from where I am from.  Toronto.  Ahh the city life.  I remember when I was really young, I would always dream of living on an animal farm.  Waking up at the crack of dawn to feed the chickens.  Grooming the horses.  Cleaning the pigs.  Now the tables have turned and I've come the accept that maybe it's not the farm that I want in my life, but the animals that I truly have a passion for.  I've always felt that intense bond with animals that I don't necessarily feel with people.  It's a different sort of love and compassion.  Perhaps I should go more in depth in a future post.

I don't remember if I've mentioned this one to many times or perhaps none at all, but take a good look at my culottes.  Take a real good look at them.  Ok well congratulations you have just seen the most comfiest pants on Earth a person could ever put on.  I have been living religiously in these pants this whole summer, which makes me able to 100% say that they are a summer staple.  YOU NEED THESE!  Long, midi, or short... I don't care.  Culottes are a magical piece of fabric sewn together.

They are perfect for when your have to sit in the car for many long hours like I had to.  And they are perfect when going shopping.  These bad boys had the honour to come with me to the Goodwill in Webster.  Let's just say I found some incredible pieces there!  I also dragged my mom a long to Goodwill and t was her first time ever going.  At first I thought she wouldn't enjoy thrifting as much as I do, but to my surprise she LOVED it!  I helped her find lots of branded pieces like Michael Kors and Banana Republic.  As for what I managed to pick out, my mom found me some Laura Petit pleather leggings!!!!  What?! YES!  I have been drooling over having pleather leggings for such a long time after seeing Kristina Bazan wear them.  I've got a lot of cheap black leggings that do not compare to what pleather leggings feel like.  Such luxurious for your legs.  Such effortless chic without having to worry about camel toes or boots having out.  They are the best and I do highly suggest getting your hands on a good pair.  I was fortunate that my mom spotted them.  Hello wardrobe game changer!

Outfit Details
Top: Aeropostale
Button-up: SML Boutique
Culottes: Urban Outfitters
Necklace: H&M
Shoes: G.H. Bass & Co.