Saturday, July 7, 2018

Day 9 March Break Trip: Athens to Mykonos

Day 9 (March 16) we arrived in Mykonos after a long ferry ride that began it's journey early in the morning.  Mykonos really is a beautiful Greek island with its white buildings and stone pavements.  As pretty and serene as it is, it is very much a vacation/tourist island, which for some people is all they need.  But I would recommend going during tourist season (summer) as most of the stores were undergoing yearly renovations in anticipation.  So lots of cafes, restaurants, clothing shops, jewelry shops etc... were inaccessible and roaming the barren streets grew too familiar only after two days.  It seemed as though we had walked all the roads in the main area of the island.  

My favourite part?  The cats.  They were plentiful!

Since we found our soon to be favourite local market called AB Food Market (unbeatable prices and great selection) we bought groceries to make dinner. (I can't seem to remember what we did for lunch hmm... I also can't remember if it was this day, the next day, or both days that we went to the mini beach outside our hotel...)

We made sandwiches and a salad whilst playing music.  Our new favourite song became Ximeromata by Konstantinos Argiros.  I for one learned pretty much all the words and will gladly sing with you anytime of the day.

Then we watched Mama Mia and called it a night.

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Sophia aka The Sophia

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  1. The Sophia-
    Perhaps you can make a recording and put your song on Soundcloud!