Saturday, December 26, 2015

Tied Up Like A Christmas Present!

CHRISTMAS GALORE! Apparently my calendar says it's December 26th and so does basically every calendar in the world unless you live ahead in the future and it's the 27th for you.  Well that just means you're even closer to 2016.  
The year is coming to an end!

 Sh*t I was gonna say 'It was only in 2009...' but even that was 7 years ago.  Anyways I remember 2009 going into 2010 was the strangest feeling an 8 year old could experience.  I'd say it wasn't until after 2 months of writing '20010' my brain caught on the memo that we reached double digits.  If 2009 wasn't mind boggling enough wait until 20100 2100.  If you're still around or if global warming hasn't killed us yet.

 Then leading up to 2012 was the most anti climatic years of my life.  The whole "The world is going to end because the Mayan calendar says so" was great for the box office, but honestly?  When January 1st 2013 came everyone was like "oh.. so the world isn't going to end?  Damn, on with life I suppose."

I actually moved homes which makes for good motivation because now my room will be brighter and less cluttered.  I was getting tired of finding placed inside the apartment to take pictures because I'm lacking a camera, tripod, and/or photographer.  Basically it's me, my clothes and Photo Booth.  I also haven't been leaving the house lately because of all the packing and moving and cleaning.  So to make my pictures more interesting I actually discovered this website that let's me doodle on my pictures called Ippicy and it's free!  'Bout time I discovered this site.

I think I'll be doing a December Issue and a 2015 Round-up.  If that ends up happening I'll link them.

I found this old skirt I sewed many years back and was so stocked that I could still wear it!  I never really knew how to style it so it never got any love but I realized that a cozy sweater and some nights would do the trick.

Top: American Apparel | Scarf: Thrifted | Skirt: Sewn by yours truly | Tights: Random (aren't they all)  | Jacket: Mom's Closet | Bag: Tommy Hilfiger


  1. Your blouse is gorgeous, so festive as well! Happy Holidays!

  2. cute editing, and lol your so write about each transition from one year to the next