Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Aga Khan Museum

A new museum filled with ancient muslim artifacts dating back centuries ago.
My math class took a trip to this museum to examine the mesmerizing geometrical patterns filled with so much meaning and precision.  The amount of time people must have had to spend to colour, carve, write and decorate these artifacts is mind boggling.  I later discovered that the museum if free Wednesdays so I'm bound to come back and have a look at the new collections they bring out.

We were guided through the exhibition by a tour but I revisited it after the rest of the class last because I longed for a better look at each and every item on display.  There's something so relaxing and pleasing roaming a museum independently.  You're more aware, and you soak up so much more.

Seeing that I'd be gone half the school day I wanted to dress slightly more special.  The night before Is suddenly felt this art-student vibe crawl up my fashion buds and pulled this look together.   My top old to the extent where I can't find the label.  My blazer was thrifted from Goodwill and is Givenchy!!!!  Yes I sense your drooling.  The plaid 'Clueless' skirt is my mom's from Eddi Bauer.  The thighs are just your usually random pair of black tights.  Lastly, my shoes were courteous donations from my mom's friend.

There was so much extravagant attention to detail and precision.

This has go to be my favourite.  A beautifully crafted door with pearl accents.  I just love the royalness and preciousness of this door.


  1. vintage Givenchy!! nice find, love these photos and I find it so interesting that your math class visited an historical artifact museum, given the contributions to mathematics and algebra from the Muslim community, it is fitting


    1. Right! It was actually the first math trip our teacher ever took her students on so it was something very new for us all. So glad we got to go though! Such beautiful artwork.

  2. Wow, this museum looks so gorgeous, I hope to visit it one day! You look so stylish :) Thanks for sharing!

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    Tamara xxx

  3. Cool photos!

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