Saturday, November 28, 2015

Shrimps AW15

First seen on the amazing Susie Bubble, then Tavi (Gevinson, duh) and recently on The Blond Salad, Shrimps now has me all up on their radar.  Hanna Weiland is a London based designer and founder of Shrimps.  Her designs and visions are so fashion forward and enjoyable they make you want to: smile, click that checkout button, open your parcel, and burry your face in the luxurious faux fur.  

I recently saw a quick video on Facebook about how companies cruelly beat and torture animals to get their fur and it is absolutely revolting.  There is no way I am purchasing real fur.  Ever.  Why should I when Shrimps is a thing.  An amazing thing.  Some thing that everyone needs to have on their bucket list.

Those clutches, those shoes, ugh totally me and totally reminds me of Matthew Gray Gubler and Gublerland.  Yes I am a citizen to Gublerland.  Yes it's a really thing.  I even have a passport to prove it ;)

Check out her collections!  They are stunning.

And to think this is on the AW15 collection.  You can count on more collection reviews on the blog.

Shrimps Instagram: Here


  1. I don't think Tavi's worn Shrimps...? Do you have a source? I'd love to see how she styled it!


      She wore it in one of her instagram posts.

  2. I ADORE Shrimps, such a fantastic brand. Im so glad faux fur is getting exposure in high fashion!
    Bethany x

    1. Me too. And I recently found out that Stella McCartney's designs are all faux because she's vegetarian <3 Love her stuff but them them even more now!!