Sunday, November 15, 2015

Agi & Sam AW 15/16

I normally don't keep up with Menswear fashion but this AW 15/16 collection by Agi & Sam is too me to not share on my blog.  Asymmetrical cuts and colours are pulling me in this season and I cannot get enough.  I love colour in my wardrobe as some of you may know and this collection just hits the sweet spot.  So what if this is menswear, I could definitely do with that turtle neck sweater right now.  It's getting colder and colder by day and I'm not sure if I'm mentally prepared for this.

To me this collection speaks identity crisis.  Finding yourself and dipping your toe into new beginnings.  The masks really pull everything together.  The fact that you can't focus on who's behind the mask really makes you pay close attention to the clothing and takes away any bias from the model.

Well, away I go to follow them on Instagram now.  As should you...

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Song of the day: John Legend - You & I (Nobody in the World)

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  1. that second para really resonated with me, love your interpretation of this collection and the masks