Wednesday, November 25, 2015

AF Vandervorst AW 2015/16

I've been feeling very heavy and out of tune with what's been going on around myself lately.  This collection by AF Vandervorst resonates deeply in me and there's this unexplainable connection I have with it.  I'm more than often drawn to very vibrate colours and prints, but this has got to be one of my favourite collections thus far.  Black is a powerful colour and can say a thousand words more than others.

On a lighter note it reminds me of Swan Lake.  However last week it reminded my of global warming, which I will admit was heavily influenced by my science unit.  But that's just it, there are so many ways I can interpret this collection and I always find myself coming back to this draft and admiring it.  I'm just finally getting around to posting my thoughts.

Click here to check out the full collection.  I seriously advise you do, and share your thoughts with me!

Pictures from Vogue


  1. creepy and cool, love it

  2. essa coleção é magnifica, ela é capaz de provocar diversas reflexões no observador <33