Monday, November 16, 2015

My Childhood in Au Jour Le Jour - Pre AW 15/16

Every kid had that one game they loved playing.  Whether it be cards, family, or boardgames. Growing up, my childhood game was playing Monopoly.  I would spend hours trying to beat my mum and if we had to go grocery shopping in 10 minutes, try to bankrupt to bank.  Yes I did attempt to several times.  Hint: If you play with taxes go towhee ever lands on Free Parking, if works ;)

My first Monopoly board was the original one, which is what the bases of this collection is.  My second was the computer disk version and my third was the fancy one from Disney. I played the crap out of those ones.  I played by myself a lot as a kid because my mum was usually always busy and Monopoly was my go-to.  I would so far as to say it was my life.  I was that kid who would play for 2 people and if my 'opponent' was loosing, I would make an unfair trade.  Yes that was me.

I even took my addiction outside of the house and brought it along to daycare.  Ah yes the good old days in daycare.  I don't think my daycare experience would be as enjoyable if they didn't have a Monopoly board. (Or Risk but that's another story and hopefully another collection.)  But, they didn't have the original or the Disney, they had the credit card version.  If we my friends and I ever wanted to play a game I would always suggest Monopoly.  Yes, it's true Monopoly was my childhood life.

I'm curious to know what your childhood game was?

I absolutely love the concept of this collection.  The prints and cuts are totally wearable, fun and quirky.  The shoes are a great statement piece for a night out and the patent leather trousers and dresses are a great way to add structure.  The green trousers especially do a great job at mimicking the houses!

That's why, when I came across this collection it immediately had that resonating effect.  It made me remember all those hours spent playing board games by myself.  It doesn't even have to be Monopoly.  I played The Game Of Life, Risk, cards,  Banana Split and the list goes on.  It's sad to think that kids don't play board games as heavily as before.

Check out more from the collection at which is where I also got the pictures.  These are my favourites.

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  1. Love this collection especially the boots and dresses, and playing monopoly of course! :P