Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Reminiscing Massy Hall

Your average stereotypical student's always gotta have their school attire.  Whether it's your team sweater, school sweats pants or football jacket we've all got at least one.  In grade 8 we had to buy a music shirt.  Which is not worth 20$ considering you only wear it to a totally of 3 concerts.  I mean it's cool but not your everyday attire.  This music has been sitting in my closet for a good 2 years and I finally pull it out and make do.  I wore it to school with black skinny jeans and a black rain jacket with yellow detailing and it looked really cool.  The next time I'll most likely not be so critical about having the music logo stand out.  It could just be a conversation starter.  Honestly, it's just so much comfier than I remember so I know it won't be another 2 years until I wear it again.

In this outfit I paired it with pants that were hand-me-downs from my mom's closet and they are so comfy and stretchy.   Paired with this thrifted Dior, belt the outfit looked well put together.  It actually reminds me a school uniform now that I think about it which kind of defeated my purpose for straying away from school but it's still cute and I don't wear uniforms to school.  If you paired this with platforms and a fancy coat you'd look dashing.


  1. I know the feel! I've been in several concerts before and for each, I had to buy a different T-shirt, all of which I will only ever once. I decided to make do with the shirts and wear it as lounge wear.

    May | THE MAYDEN | <a href=">Bloglovin'</a>

    1. Of course they're nice souvenirs but it's always more rewarding when you can actually make use of them :)

  2. i actually really like this look, your style is cool!

    danielle | avec danielle

  3. I love those pants, especially when they're cuffed, so cute!