Sunday, December 13, 2015

Top Ten Topshop Winter Holiday Essentials: 2015/16

I checked out Topshop's Christmas sweaters and I just thought to myself that you could probably thrift more unique ones.  Nevertheless, I was window shopping their online store (specifically their holiday dresses) and thought I should do another Top Ten Topshop post.  This definitely took me a while to narrow everything down so I made sure all the items I chose had their own versatility, functionality, and spontaneity.  Let me know your favourite!  Mine's got to be the first one.  The Peter Pan collar and embroidery is so classy and festive at the same time.


  1. that third dress! I'm practically drooling!

    1. Same! I saw and it and was like well maybe this isn't the most festive dress, but I kept going back to it because it's stunning and was like screw it you're going in my post. haha