Friday, June 29, 2018

A Rainy Week for Shopping

Last week was filled with shopping (and raining).  On Monday I went sourcing for my Depop store.  I'm building up stock and starting to photograph everything for the 'grand opening'/ relaunch.  I found lots of goodies!  When I went to the store they had a sign up for their Summer Sale on Friday.  So of course I went back on Friday to pick up for gems.  I was ready to head out when suddenly there was this huge down pour of rain.  So, I got stuck n the store for a while.

Jumping to Thursday (because I didn't do anything memorable in those days between), there a vintage crawl event going on in downtown Toronto.  I went to Mama Loves You Vintage on Queen Street and a couple others in Kensington Market.  It was a last minute decision because I didn't find out about this until the day before.  I asked around if anyone wanted to join me, but the only person I could get to come with was my mom, cheers.  On the bright side she bought this beautiful faux snake skin bag from the 60s/70s from Mama Loves You Vintage and we both got clogs from Courage My Love.

Blouse: Thrifted from SA
Dress: InternetGirl via Depop
Tights: OU
Clogs: Courage My Love
Purse: Vintage Farnell Purse made in Paris and thrifted from VV

Here I am once again...

It's a Friday morning and I'm at the Salvation Army!

Every Saturday morning I volunteer with the Toronto Cat Rescue.  These two guys greeted me when I came in.  Meet Sherman (Top) and Fluffly (Bottom).

I'll conclude this post with a rainy Sunday.  Sena and I went to the St. Lawrence Antiques market in the morning.  We stopped at Tims for breakfast and sit by the window watching the heavy rainfall.  This day was kind of disaster.  The Pride Parade was also scheduled to happen in the afternoon.  We cut our plans sorts and just headed back home.  On my way home the rain cleared up lol.  What do you know...

I'm officially on summer vacay!  Your girl graduated!
I'm also typing this up on a library computer and wearing a necklace.  I never wear necklaces, but I guess I just have that much time on my hands now lol.


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