Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Sewing My Prom Dress

The summer before grade 12 I began work on my prom dress.  I had purchased this beautiful iridescent fabric from King Textiles in downtown Toronto for about $7/yard.  I draped the fabric on my dress form and started beading the straps and a belt.  The dress isn't made with much finesse.  I know I couldn't have done a more precise job with draping to make the distribution of fabric more even and not bunch together at the front.  I took a couple months off this project, and when I came back to it I felt there was something missing.  I was playing around with pearl chains but ultimately decided against it.  Rummaging through other materials I had, I started to play around with this pink tulle.  It paired so nicely with my original fabric, but I had to figure out how to make it look flattering.  Although I spent countless hours beading that belt, I opted out of it and instead beaded an illusion bust outline.  Hopefully, I'll be able to use the belt for another project.

You can't see, but I also put in a lining from King Textiles that cost the same price as my iridescent fabric.  I also lined the inside rim of the neckline with a pink velvet trim I had.

This isn't a conventional prom dress and for that, I am so much more pleased with it.

(Click here to see my prom photos)

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