Saturday, June 16, 2018

Over and under

I compiled this is in 2015 and never got around to publishing it.  I think this was the year bralettes became huge.  I still love the look of a bralette or corset layered over a button-up shirt.

Here's what 15 year old me had to say:
These days I don't keep track of trends.  If I happen to click on a post by the Man Repeller or the Blonde Salad about what's trending this season, then sure, but for the most part, I'm still trying to find my own style.  I especially enjoy loking back at old posts by other bloggers that I admire, such as Stella Katterman, Tavi Gevinson, Susie Bubble, Ellie O'Connor Philips and the list goes on.

I can sense a possible style block coming my way, but I'm hoping that can be avoided with lots of therapeutic blog lurking.  We shall see.

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