Tuesday, June 12, 2018


Much like most girls, I have always been excited to go to prom.  In fact, the idea of getting ready excited me more than the actual event itself.  The summer before senior year I began sewing my prom dress (see construction photos here).  Many girls chose to wear very similar in style dresses.  This year the trend was: v-neck, body-hugging, with a leg slit.  While they all looked gorgeous, I felt really happy wearing an unconventional dress with unconventional shoes.

This post is going to be all over the place; from the negatives to the positives.  The thing about prom is that it is overhyped.  Girls spend upwards of two thousand dollars on this night, which can be very intimidating for some who don't have that kind of money to spend and feel like they shouldn't go.  I don't think prom is worth all that money.  I also didn't think it was all that eventful.  The DJ mostly played songs I was unfamiliar with, the dance floor was cramped, and everyone was just waiting to go the after party.

We also had the superlative nominations announced during the dinner service.  First off, the dinner service was mediocre, and secondly, the nominations were just a popularity contest.  Most of the nominees I didn't know, but judging by all the people clapping and hooting coming from the 'popular' tables, I knew who had voted for each other.

What I liked about prom was dying my hair blue, buying my shoes, sewing my dress, and going over to my friend Hanna's house to get ready and just hang with great people.  The most memorable moment was probably my friend Khela getting nominated for prom queen.  This was the most touching thing a grade of girls has ever done, in my opinion.  Khela is an incredibly supportive and spirited person who gets along with just about everyone.  All the girls came together to vote her as queen because of how supportive she has been to us all; hyping up our prom dress Facebook group.  Congrats girl.  You got the most deserving award.

To be honest, I don't have much else to say about this night.  Should I?

What was your prom experience like?

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