Thursday, June 14, 2018

Day 6 March Break Trip: Patras to Olympia to Tolo

Day 6 (March 13) our overnight ferry arrived in Greece.  We bused over to ancient Olympia.  What started out as nice weather quickly became a rainy havoc.

As beautiful and serene ancient Olympia was, I wasn't in awe.  By this point, we had been touring and busing and touring, amphitheatre after ancient ruins after amphitheatre.  If you don't want to read my rant, keep scrolling.

I came on this trip with four other friends.  When it came to bus partners, I was always the odd one out.  I know I could have talked to them and said 'hey can we rotate partner's?', but  I hate confrontation.  The seat next to me was like the wild card.  No one from any other friend group wanted to sit next to me for more than one ride.  Within the other friend group, I guess they kept switching partners since there was an odd number of them, which meant they were passively fighting over who got to sit with each other and who ended up, unfortunately, sitting next to me.  I felt awful and obviously since I was aware of what was going on, I didn't feel like making conversation with whoever sat next to me.  It gets 'better'.  For most of the time, I brought a backpack on the bus and left it on my seat when we hopped off to go check out a site.  This one time, I came back on the bus to find two girls sitting in my row and my bag out of site.  I was confused at first and ask them if they saw my bag, to which the didn't respond.  Then my friend said my bag was thrown onto her seat in front of mine.  They had the audacity to throw my bag on someone else's seat and act like it didn't happen.  It's not like I was reluctant to budge from that location.  If they asked me to relocate, I wouldn't have had a problem doing so.  I even cried to myself as I had my sunglasses on because at that point  I was sick of being on the bus.  I would always make sure to be the first to that spot.  That is until I wasn't the first and I had to sit up at the front, which I found to be so much easier.  I was sick of sitting near those people and up front, I didn't have a seat partner and no one was fighting for that seat either.

So although I'm smilling in a lot of the photos, there were  times that I just wanted to walk around by myself without being near others.  Sorry for bring such as debby downer.  I just needed to vent this somewhere.  I guess to sum it up... yeah there were highs and lows during this trip.
This is the old Olympic field.
Just as quickly as the rain came, it left just in time for our late lunch at a nearby restaurant.  I opted for the classic gyros which was delicious.
Nancy, is that disqus boi you?
The restaurant was next to a strip of mini souvenir stores and I got an olive hand cream, which was recommended by our Explorica guide.  Nothing special in my opinion.
Then we headed back on the bus for another couple hours on the road until we arrived at our hotel in Tolo, Greece.

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  1. It's too bad the others were so intimidated by your formidable personality.