Thursday, December 10, 2015

Lace Chase

Lace is timeless.  Lace is ageless.  Lace is seasonless.
Lace is angelic.

There's this magical feeling when it comes down to lace.  It can make you feel sexy, confident, beautiful, even edgy.  I love to layer lace on lace because it gives this multidimensional appeal.  I'm a die hard sucker for texture.

There's without a doubt that I've dreamt of my dream wedding dress countless of times.  My best friend Sena even got me hooked on the TV series 'Say Yes To The Dress'.  Randy is my man.  What is it with us?  Why are we so nosy about what others are doing?  It's a strange ponder if you step back to reflect on that.  But hey, it sells.

There's this blogger, Sazan, that I absolutely adore because her and her hubby are quite the hilarious duo.  They recently got married and she filmed her wedding day which took place on a lovely beach.  Her beach wedding dress was drop dead gorgeous!  It was a subtle simple lace dress that draped effortlessly to the sand and it was breath taking.

Click here for Sazan's blog
Click here to watch her wedding

I've had this top with lace for years which I got from Winners.  I recall in my older posts when I first started this blog, I was always wearing something form Winners.  I also wore this to a concert I performed at in grade 7 at Massy Hall.  The longer lace top is from Aeropostale and was on sale for $10.  And the geometrical skirt I actually sewed myself.  I was at Goodwill on summery afternoon when I came across this fabric and thought it'd make a great $2 skirt.  It actually a bit short (because I have this annoying tendency to make everything smaller than I need) but It's still doable.  In fact, I wore it to the Rookie Yearbook 4 signing. :)  But wait it gets even better.  This coat I got from Forever21 on sale for $11!!!!!  To end things, my bag was from Goodwill and reminds me of Chanel, and my rings are from H&M.


  1. love the way you layered the lace pieces xx