Sunday, March 22, 2015

The beauty behind the Giambattista Valli Spring 2015 Collection

Once again, I have stumbled upon yet another jaw dropping, heads turning, mouth watering fashion designer and icon.  This happens quite often and you can read more about it in the Where would I be without Instagram post.

Giambattista Valli is a name I kept seeing go around and every time I would look at a design that caught my eye, it always happened to be by Valli.  By this time, my body was aching of curiosity, wanting to further expand what I knew about Valli.  His work was intriguing and fresh and I love his work.  Valli, yet another incredible designer to add to my list.  It seems as if my list just never ends.  That's a good thing :)

Let us begin with his Spring 2015 collection.

I noticed how he dabbled around the darker colours still lingering around mixing in with the typical bright pastel floral spring colours.  This is what really caught my eye.

Dating back to big puffy gowns, and slimming down with modern cuts and lengths, Valli  outdid his spring collection. To some extent his designs reminded me of Coco Chanel and her classic little Chanel Jacket tweed with his own take.  Valli played around with the cut and fit of his designs which were youthful and structured in a manner that was flattering and flowy.

I also noticed that while incorporation the ever so typical symbols of spring, flowers, he did so in a manner that was subdued and minimalist is a way.  He played with the colour schemes and made so that the model was a walking piece of art.  His work did not shout SPRING.  It simply floated the idea above our heads.

I applaud Valli for his effortless collection and look forward to the next.

Included in this post are simply the designs from his Spring 2015 collection that caught my eye and were over-the-top necessary to share.



- Sophia <3

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