Tuesday, March 10, 2015

a clean slate and new discovery: Tavi Gevinson

Today I stumbled across a girl that has from the very moment I saw her (before I knew her name) changed the way I see stuff.  She is Tavi Gevinson.  I feel like there's no smooth way of typing that, but it's probably just my writing skills.   But, you probably knew her name cuz it's in the title of this post!

Well, I found her because I was watching Jenn Im's London fashion week video on youtube.  I love Jenn Im (https://www.youtube.com/user/clothesencounters) and she is a huge style icon for me (so if you have yet to here about her go do your self a favour and check her channel out!)  Anyways, if you have ever been on Youtube before, which I'm almost certain you all do, then you probably know about the related videos side bar they have on the right side of your computer screen.  Well, there was a video with a title about a 15 year teen fashion blogger.  This caught me eye, and can I just say I am so grateful I decided to use my brain signals and tell my finger to click on the thumbnail?  BTW if you're wondering what the video was, go check it out for yourself!

Here's a link:


After seeing that video of Tavi getting interviewed, I really did hard core stalk her.  I talking hitting that follow button on Instagram, rewinding her blog all the way to the oldest blogpost, watching countless more of her interviews, going back to her Instagram and hard core scrolling through her feed, following her on Twitter, and google imaging her for fashion inspo.  Ya.  I did all that.
*Inserts celebratory emoji here*

Tavi made me re-realize that fashion isn't about always dressing the trends, or wearing what everyone else at school wears.  It's about trying new styles, finding yourself and expressing your creativity.  And although a long the line, you will probably look back at yourself and ask why on earth did I wear that? It's all a process.  Fashion is always changing and has never settled.  Her style has re-inspired me to wear what I want to wear and wear all these bright colours and patterns and to rock them like no other.

I know, I usually don't post posts like this, but I felt the need and the want to share my find with you guys.

Tavi, you have done us good :)

I only wish I knew her earlier on :)

Also, I'd love it if you guys could comment some of your favourite fashion bloggers that have truly inspired you!

Lots of love,

Sophia <3

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