Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Rookie for Vogue

A WHILE BACK So basically, I was at home and wanted to take some really cool pictures.  I didn't exactly know what kind of pictures, but I just knew they had to be c-o-o-l.  This is what became of that!  I'm really impressed with how they turned out.  Obviously the quality is not the best because I don't have a really good camera and this was taken via Photo Booth.  But hey, what can you do?

As I started setting up for the "shoot" I wasn't exactly too sure where I was going with this but I had somewhat of an idea.  I also took inspiration from some amazing Instagram feeds that I've been following for a long time now.  But mainly, I just really wanted to take the opportunity to put my head chain to work and show it off! I'm obsessed with it and only wish I could wear it every single day!

There are a lot more photos from this shoot then I'm showing, however these are my favourite.  I wasn't sure if I wanted to post these pictures or when to post these because this isn't the typical post here on St Style.  Nevertheless, I do hope you all found this somewhat COOL!

Let me know what you think of it! <3

In some of the pictures, you can see my laptop in the reflection! So, look out for that! :)

Halter top: Brandy Melville
Jacket: Nevada
Head chain: Urban Outfitters
Sunnies: Claire's
Nails: Milani's "Teddy Brown"

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