Sunday, March 29, 2015


OVER THE MONTH OF MARCH This is a different style of post on my blog, but I really enjoy the idea behind it and hope to create more of this style of content for you all.  For the past month, I've been collecting quite a few items that I really want to share.  I was originally planning on making a Youtube video for this, but decided otherwise because I thought a post would be more interesting.  Most of the items you will see where gifted to me for my birthday because it was this month so that's why there's probably going to be more in the goodies post than the rest. :)  I hope you enjoy this post and I'd love to here your feedback! Also, I you'd like, comment what was the favourite thing you got this month!

Forever21 and Urban Outfitters gift cards.  Both these stores are for sure on the top of my favourite practical stores to shop at.  Not so much UO, but when they have their extra 50% of sale items that's an incredible bargain.  I will definitely be sure to spend this money wisely and on items that I REALLY do see myself using in the future.  Perhaps you will see them in a future blogpost? ;)

Ardene nail polish and Hollywood Gelato gift card.  I am super stocked to try out this sparkly green nail polish! I've never tried Ardene's nail polish line so If I really like it, perhaps I'll report back to  you guys! I'm also excited to get some use out of discounted gelato!  I mean seriously, who does not want gelato?  This is the perfect excuse.

Necklaces from H&M and Spanner.  Slowly but surely I'm starting to grow and expand my necklace collection.  You will definitely being seeing these in many outfit posts!

Rings for H&M.  Likewise I am also expanding my ring collection and when H&M was having an incredible sale on their jewelry, I knew for sure that these gorgeous silver rings were coming home with me.  They give a very strong industrial vibe which I am really channeling at the moment!

Sunnies from Ardene's and Insurgent movie.  It seems that I as I am writing this, I'm really liking my jewelry and accessories this month.  Perhaps it's because it's spring, and spring brings out the accessories in me?  Anyways, I received the cheetah print sunnies for my birthday and am in love!  Where have they been my whole life? I don't even want to know.  I also picked up a pair of 3D glasses when I went to see Insurgent in theatres and decided to pop out the lenses.  I don't when I'm going to where these in public but I think eventually I'll find the courage to.  I definitely remember as a child 3D glasses were so hip, trendy and cool!

Lip crayons from Nars, Maybelline makeup remover, Covergirl eye shadow, and a lipstick to which I don't actually know what brand. I usually don't get this much makeup each month.  All of these were gifts! haha.  Anyways, I signed up for the Deplore Beauty Insider Rewards program and this year they were giving out Nars lip crayons which is so cool!  They make me feel so glamorous!  But, my favourite product from whole haul is this lipstick which I don't know the brand name! How ironic.  Usually we tend to think high end products are the best, but that's not always the case.  This lipstick is hydrating, pigmented, and a gorgeous neutral shade!  I don't think I should say more because you guys even be able to purchase.

WetNWild palette, revlon smokey eyeshadow duo stick, Annabelle lipliner.  I've recently discovered the amazness of the WetNWild eye shadows thanks to a friend!  They are super pigment, blend easily and don't reiterate my eye.  These colours are so incredible wearable and have surely made their way into my everyday makeup routine.  As for the Revlon saw stick, I have yet to try it.  However, I have been using the Annabelle lipliner quick frequently these past few weeks.  It's a gorgeous purple pink colour and I pair it under the Unknown lipstick!

Mini Eggs and Sugar Mountain Candy!  I had the option to not include these bad boys into this post, but lets be real.  Who doesn't love candy and chocolate?  Thanks to my friends and their lovely gifts, I will be slowly snacking on these and will become very sad once they are all gone. :)

Iphone 4s cases, Ardene's earnings and earbuds.  I was in dear need of a new iPhone case because if you saw my old one you would straight up agree.  I've popped the blue one on my phone at the moment and am very pleased.  It definitely keeps my phone safe because I don't even want to know the exact number of times I've dropped my phone.  I've also been needing new earbuds because I always misplace mine.  I also received these feather earrings as gifts an while one pair is currently missing because I recently wore it, I can safely say that I'm in love.  When I was younger I would always wear these extremely long and statement earrings and I believe these have researched that love for a strong eating game.

Under1Sky bag.  This month I was very fortunate to have been contacted by a lovely company called Under1Sky.  I'd never heard of their brand before so I was quite doubtful at first but they quickly proved me wrong.  This bag is so soft and of great quality!  It's also a 2-in1 bag so there's actually a shoulder bag that you can remove from it!  I will be posting more outfits with this bag so stay updated!

A bunch of graphic tees from Aeropostale.  These tees are a great "I'm running late for school but still want to look like i tried, ya feel me?" kind of essential.  Just throws these over with a pair of black jeans and you're good to go!  
*If you made it to the end of this post props to you.