Thursday, March 26, 2015

Florals tucked away

Hello my dear blogger friends!  I am super duper stoked to be showing you this outfit because personally, this is probably my favourite outfit so far this year!  I'm so tempted to wear this exact outfit all day everyday!  Wouldn't that just be so much less stressful? :)

The reasons why I love this ensemble so much is because of how well the colours correlate with one another and the different materials incorporated.  Going from the knitted sweater to my studded leggings, this outfit just screams ME.  I love playing around with different styles and patterns and being able to mix them all together.

*Looking at this outfit as I type this, I truly think one day I just woke up and threw on ALL my favourite things to wear in an outfit.  Didn't that work out grand!

So, moving on to the idea behind this outfit, I think it is absolutely adorable and street-style chic for spring transitions is because of how bright and florally it is yet it still keeps me warm during those not-so-amusing colder days.  The floral is there because, um hello, it's spring why would't there be any?  But, it isn't so in your face like: "I woke up like dis and threw on a bright neon floral top cuz i love spring" kind of look.  The fact that I was able the incorporate florals, yet make them minimal in a sense and include it solely as an undergarment, makes me feel pretty good about myself :)

To top that off, throwing on a pair of studding leggings is every girls dreams is it not?  I mean, Hey.  Let's be real, 85.0435% of the female population most likely wears leggings.  Why wouldn't you wanna jazz up your day and wear ones with studs? It's fool proof!

But hey, lets not forget the SHOES. I can you all that these will be my go to shoes for spring.  They really bring their own pizzazz to the table and add so much more personality and dimension to an outfit.  Y'all get me?  I think it's because lately i've really been all about those oxfords!

This outfit just all in all leaves me with a certain "Je ne said quoi".


 *oh hi there! if you're reading this, I love you! <3


American Eagle Sweater
SML Boutique Blouse
Forever21 Studded leggings
G.H. Bass & Co. Oxford style shoes

 -Sophia <3


  1. Love the floral shirt underneath! I'm definitely buying myself a floral item this spring season :) <3

    1. Haha! Yes florals are a must-have for his spring!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. You look super cute! I love how the prints match the bright sweater!
    Love from France!
    Bisous <3!


  3. Cute outfit :)
    Love Lynda

  4. wow such a lovely post! great job x

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  5. You look gorgeous <3

    Kind regard

  6. This colour looks great on you

  7. I love the way you've layered this amazing outfit! You look beautiful!!