Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Knitted with orange

SATURDAY BUZZ Let me begin by recounting to you all the origin of this outfit.  That morning I was putting together potential outfits and laying them on my bed deciding on which outfit I should wear that day.  I don't exactly remember as to how I came across this sweater, but the moment I laid eyes on it I knew that was going to base my entire outfit around it.  This gorgeous opaque orange cable knit sweater belongs to my mom, but she's let me borrow it whenever I want. SCORE!  The sweater is so thick and well made it's definitely a good buy.  So, I asked her where she got it from and she replied: "The Bay".  The Bay is a huge department store where I live and I was thrilled!  I don't know about other people, but I love department stores.  They are kind of like thrift stores, but obviously they are not hand-me-downs.  They sell designer brands as well as small brand names.  I believe it's safe to say that this sweater is now one of my mom's best buys, personally.

I will fore warn you all that I did manage to take quite a gallery load of pictures for this outfit and it was quite hard to narrow them down, so if you find yourself scrolling through this page like there was no end... Trust me. There is!

Also, I hope to be able to find more time in my day to shoot more outfits and be more active here.  I really do love putting together outfits, documenting them through pictures, and writing about my adventures on my blog.  I'll do my best to post every other day or more if if can!

I also want to mention that the night before I was feeling quite bored with my nail game and wanted to add a little spunk.  I managed to relocate where I put my acrylic nail glue, and well the rest is history.  Now I am current'y typing on my keyboard with extremely long (in my opinion), metallic blue acrylic nails.

Then, while taking pictures at a park this cute dog approached me just as my mom took the picture!  This really made my day.  I love dogs and animals overall.  They always manage to put a smile on my face even if I am feeling down.  So, obviously I had to include the dog in my post!

Lastly, I wanted to tell you all about a company called "West Egg".  West Egg is a company that sells brands at discounted rates of up to 80% off products!  They host over 113 brands including Ray-Ban, Lavin Paris, Gevenchi and Danielle Welington!  On top of all that, I also got you all a special hook up for an extra 10% off your purchase with the code 'wearwestegg'.  Feel free to check out their website  at  www.westegg.co/b/XQg6 if you are interested.

Outfit of the day:
Sweater: Jax
Jacket: Forever21
Jeans: Versace
Scarf: Forever21
Sunnies: Ardenes
Necklaces: JC Penny and H&M
Rings: Claire's
Shoes: DexFlex


  1. great idea love your outfit¨
    kiss from switzerland


  2. I love your outfit, and your nail color !