Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Sometimes these thoughts become too overwhelming

April 21, 2020 | Toronto

JP3: What's something you learned this week?

There are so many things about my life that I want to change and when I start listing them off in my head, the thoughts become too overwhelming.  I can write lists all day and it's like every day there is something else I need to do.  So, I guess I learned that having lots of time isn't everything.  I need to not be scared to focus on one thing.  There will also be something else you want to do.  But for now, focus on learning a new skill, and learning it well.

Yesterday, I said I would go on a walk and take photos the next day.  Today, I spent 45 minutes outside, just walking around my neighbourhood and smiling because it felt so calming.  I need to get out more.

Today's song is: I love me by Demi Lovato
Canon M50

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