Tuesday, April 28, 2020

It's a small thing we do, just the two of us

April 28, 2020 | Toronto

JP10: What is a small joy you can appreciate on the weekend?

It used to be waking up without an alarm.  Letting the light gradually spill into my room and actually enjoying getting out of bed.  That's the best feeling because then I go on to draw back my curtains and make my bed.  If I had school in the morning, the act of doing these small habits were like such a tedious chore.  When I don't feel pressed for time, I really enjoy taking the time to reset my room for the day.

These days my weekends aren't anything different from the rest.  I find that everyday I'm being more productive than I ever was.  I like to start my mornings by going for a run.  I'm not a crazy running fanatic, but I actually do enjoy listening to a book or playlist and jogging around the neighbourhood.  Usually I run by myself, but on weekends my mom comes along with me.  It's like a small thing we do, just the two of us.  And I really appreciate it.  I was hoping to register for a 10k marathon this June, and since that didn't pan out, I've convinced myself to do one by myself next month.
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