Friday, December 12, 2014

#MustHaveMondays - Cape Coats

Hey there everyone!  So as you can tell from the title of this post #MustHaveMonday is a new series I've decided to try out.  So I guess we shall see how it goes :) Anyways, to start of this series I've decided to start it off with a winter Must Have/Essentials/Trend... whatever you wish to call it.

Capes Coats



Cape coats are all fashion bloggers have been talking about this season.  To name some fashion bloggers Blaire Eadie and Kristina Bazan

Definitely take some time to check out their blogs if you have not already :)

Anyways, cape coats are the perfect elegant way to stay one up from a plain ol' jacket that everyone has.  There is so much shape, structure, and elegance to how they flow and give off such a mature yet glowing effect.  And... they go with pretty much any outfit.

Comment down below what your winter must have is!

XOXO, Sophia

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