Sunday, August 7, 2016

late night movie outing

In my opinion, the hardest part about going out with your friends is actually choosing somewhere to go.  I live in the city and thought there are a lot of museums, parks, neighbourhoods etc there never seems to be anything new and exciting for us to do.  As dramatic as it seems, we've basically been to it all.  At times like these, I tend to wish I could get out of the city and explore the rest of the country and the world.

A few days ago, it suddenly dawn on me that I haven't actually been anywhere else in my country except for Quebec when I was a kid, and Guelf just recently this summer.  So as much as I have always dreamed of travelling the world, perhaps I should explore what my own country has to offer.

That  being said, Sena and I eventually decided on seeing a movie.  It was quite spontaneous, which is more exciting at times.  We went to go see the movie Nerve on Thursday and it was pretty cool.  We almost had the whole theatre to ourselves but just as the movie started a few people came in too.

I love watching movies because it feels great discovering an actor I've not really heard about but really end up liking.  It broadens my spectrum and leads me to discovering even more movies I never existed.  It's also great witnesses up and coming actors shoot to landing well deserving roles.  Though Emma Roberts and Dave Franco do make an amazing on-screen couple, there was another guy that I just loved, named Miles Hiezer.  I look forward tons being him in more movies :)  oh ya and I can't forget Nick Robinson.  He's an actor I've recently discovered and admire his talent.  Just had to add that in there since we were on the topic of movies.
My denim jacket was only two dollars from the Salvation Army Thrift Store!  The bag was from Goodwill before all its chains closed in Toronto :( The shirt is an oldie from my mom and my jeans are Aeropostale.  I love wearing blue. Blue blue blue blue blue.
Sena and I had a lot of time to kill before the show started so we ventured off the Indigo, which is a big bookstore where I live.  It's right across the theater since they're located in a "mall" I guess I would call it.  I spotted this book and am definitely adding it to my to-read list.  I want to read as many books as I can this summer.

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  1. Cannot wait to see that film! Love your casual outfit as well as the photo edits :)
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