Tuesday, September 6, 2016

As the years go by/My current state of mind

Lately my posts have been very infrequent, I've just been focusing on other things but I still love this blog.  School has started, but I don't want to dwell too much on that.  Though I am really excited this year because I'm taking a FORENSICS course!  I've seriously been waiting to take it for 2 years now and I made sure to fast track Grade 11 Biology just so I could take it this year :)  I love crime, and investigation and really want o learn and understand the psychological aspects humans etc.  Crime documentaries are just the coolest.  The last one I watched was The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst. I totally recommend it if you're interested.  The documentary got me really intrigued in Durst so I plan an reading more books about him.
Woah I got really off track with what I was actually planning on saying but I'll leave the spontaneous writing in here haha.

Not too long back the Salvation Army Thrift Store was having their $2 Back to School promotion on most clothing in their store.  Such a deal is way too hard not to resist.  Sena and I took a bus there and had an abundant of fun looking through all the pieces and sharing a change room together.  The piece you see in the collages were all $2 in clouding the sick trousers :)  I'm actually listing them on my Depop @creaturesoftweed along with other things from my closet.  I only bought items that I knew I would absolutely adore and wear if they don't sell.  I've found my place with vintage/retro, non-mainstream style.  For most of Grade 7 and 8 I wanted so badly to own clothing from Lululemon, Aritzia, Uggs, and Canada Goose.  But it was way too expensive from our price range and I used to find cheaper 'dupe's Forever 21 and American Eagle.  I wanted so bad to fit in with what everyone else was wearing.  This phase transitioned its way into Grade 9 but fortunately started to fade as the year progressed.  I think starting this blog was a huge help in opening my eyes to other personalities out here.
I hoe you guys like the collages :) I had a bunch of old magazines from 2009.  I've never gotten into reading magazines, and I doubt I will.  What I love is cutting hem up and creating collages.  I've been doing so since I was 10.

Thanks for reading <3


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