Friday, September 9, 2016

I tip my hat to beautifully decorated shops

Sometimes (though rarely) I look back at my old posts.  When I do I just think about how I idolized Kristina Bazan's old style and that of Blair from Atlantic Pacific.  It was thanks to their blogs that I started pushing and experimenting my style.  Blair was the first blogger I became a regular reader of and was how I found my way to creating my own blog.  

Back then I fantasized over their dainty, girly outfits and expensive designer pieces.  I dreamed of owning my own Chanel bag, Gucci jacket, and YSL makeup.  I would window online shop (if you will) on all the designer websites and make wish list upon wish list.  I believe I wrote a few wish list-esk posts on here :)  Yesterday I happened to wander through that time consuming black hole of looking back at a blogger's old posts.  In this case Kristina's.  But I also read Kristina's more recent post about her style and interest shift and I could completely relate.  Though it brings back a warming feeling for recalling those earlier posts, I no longer idolize her girly style as much as I did so in the past.  Over the course of 3(?) years my style has been evolving into a unique representation of myself.  My tastes and interests are developing and I suppose I'm starting to discover a better side of myself through it all.

Beside the replaceable clothes that I wear, I've also been working on becoming a better person.  It's a constant mental struggle catching yourself doing or saying something you never intentionally wanted to, though you do subconsciously.  I'm trying to be a nicer, more compassionate, friendlier, and open person.  I've been listening to lots of 60s music ('Calendar Girl' is my current jam) and I feel like it's definitely helped put me in a more positive mood.  

I'm finding it rather difficult putting my thoughts into a comprehensible way.  But another thing I'm working is my communication skills.  I want to be able to express my ideas and knowledge through my words.
A few days before I went back to school, my friend Ling-Su, and I went down to Kensington Market. They've got tons of inspiration and the shops have their own unique voice.  The soft serve shop we went to was just so lovely and exactly the up lifting environment I want my room to be.  They had loads of colour, wall decor and plants.  Definitely a winner in my books.
In loving memory of the Jonas Brother's, I actually found an old poster tucked away as I was cleaning my stack of magazines.  The vampire Diaries was on the other side so it was this or that.  Sorry TVD but you've been neglected <3.
This is one of my walls, currently a wip.  Love how it's coming together.  It's totally in your face, but I guess that too describes my style haha.
Thanks for reading,
Sophia <3


  1. You and your blog are so lovely and your style is so cool! I love seeing creative talent on here.


  2. Love that choker, it's so cute! ^-^

    1. thanks <3 I made it out of old materials I had. loved it so much i made a second haha