Monday, August 1, 2016

figuring things out

These past few months I've neglected to blog, I have actually grown quite a lot.  My interests and ambitions have shifted, which is why I have been focusing on other projects beside my blog.  I'm pondering about starting a second blog dedicated to my sewing and craft projects because I'd really like to document my progress and ideas just like I am now with my style.  But the idea of having two blogs makes me feel as though I'm not very organized or consistent and I'm spreading myself too thin.  On the other hand, I'm sure it would really bug me if I archived it all onto this blog.  For now I am leaning towards creating another blog, perhaps on Wordpress because I've heard good things about it.  I just need to think of a name.

The commencing of the new month felt like a logical way to clear whatever has been on my mind and put them into writing; something I've definitely been meaning to do for a while now.

Hopefully tomorrow I can go downtown and check out some beading stores because I'm super stocked to try my hand at making crowns and jewelry.

I'm also reading and ordering lots of books since I've been deprived during the school year.

Oh ya I just saw Eddie the Eagle today and it was spectacular!  Taron Egerton is an amazing actor and the film got me so engaged and excited.

This post is starting to feel like a journal entry but I don't mind.  I've never ben one to commit to writing in a journal.  Ironic.

I suppose I'll sign off for now and include a collection of photos from the past few months and what has currently been inspiring me.  I know my blog isn't very big but it's something I think I'll also cherish and come back to even if it's only for my sake.

Thanks for reading <3
I'm thinking of starting another sewing project inspired my this early 1900s outfit from Downton Abbey.  The 1900s was never an era that caught my eye, but I used to watch Downton Abbey an their costumes are always fun to admire.  I thought I'd give it a go.  I bought a greenish blueish charmeuse satin fabric at the beginning of July, which will hopefully do the trick.

The renaissance era has completely changed my sewing game for sure.  I plan on making a corset and lovely gowns and beautiful headpieces.  I've definitely been doing more hand sewing and I'm loving it!

Just a little progress pictures I took of a painting I did for my mom.  Definitely was referring to Camille Pissaro but I plan I doing my own when I have the time

I visited Guelf with my mom and sister this weekend and the buildings were so dainty and beautifully constructed compared to what I'm used to seeing in the city.

I actually totally forgot about this picture until I was scrolling through my photo gallery just now but it's so sick!  Courtesy of my iPhone, oh yeah

My best friends gave my a gorgeous bracelte for my birthday and it is my all time favourite <3  Thanks Sena and Lindsay 

Onto some cool pictures of head pieces I found on Pintrest.  These are getting me sooooooo excited to make my ownnnnnnn :) eeeeeee

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