Saturday, June 20, 2015

Here's To The Beginning Of Our Summer Adventures (Inserts Emoji Peace Sign)

There's such a calming feeling when you spend the whole day car free, computer free, and stress free.  Yesterday, my friend Sena had her incredibly early birthday spent on Centre Island.  When I say incredibly early, I mean two-months-early-because-her-real-birthday-is-in-August kind of early :)  Have you guys ever tried tandem biking?  It's basically a two seater bike that two people have to pedal in sync in order to properly maneuver.  Yesterday I did it for the first time and it was such a thrilling experience.  Thrilling in a way that trying to pedal in sync with your friend is such a weird thing, but once you get the hang of it, there's no stopping the two of you from speeding down the quiet streets and taking in the beautiful refreshing view of your green surroundings.  So I'd say, tandem biking is a must on your summer to-do list.

My partner for tandem biking was my friend Lindsay.  Finger credz to her!  As you can see, our bike's bell seems to be missing a heart?  Now it's just "I MY BIKE".  But good luck saying that ten times fast.

After tandem biking, we ate lunch and then hit the beach!  Ah yes, the beach.  Aside from the cherry tomato face I got afterwards, it was so nice to lay in the  sun and feel the warm sand run through your feet as you wiggle your toes through.  It's days spent like this that make me envy those who live by the beach.  Someday I plan on visiting Santa Monica Pier.  I mean, aside from the fact that I'm pretty sure Hanna Montana (one of the best Disney shows ever) filmed there, it would be a thrilling experience to walk along it and slowly watch the sun as it sets.  For now, I'll settle with the picture of Lindsay and I reenacting the Titanic on the Centre Island Pier.

Everything I was Wearing That Day:
Top: SML Boutique
Bikini Top: Aerie
Sweater: Everlast
Studded Pleather Shorts: Forever21
Sandals: American Eagle
Sunnies: Ardene's
Pearl necklace: Garage Sale
Necklace on Shorts: Forever21

Here's a few up close shots of my accessories.  The blue coin purse was also from a garage sale I went to a few days back.  I thought I might as well show you a quick pic of some of the things I got that day.  You'll probably see them in future.


  1. love this post!!

  2. Your day looked so fun! I am dying to try tandem biking, it looks like so much fun. I love your outfit combo, the daisy print with the polka dots are so fun. I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award lovely lady! XO -Kim