Monday, June 22, 2015

Thrift Hunting For A Denim Jacket

Today I met up my friend Ling-Su.  Thanks to her I have these pictures of my outfit!  Anyways, I've been really eager to try thrifting because I've seen so many people find so many great pieces there for what seems to be quite a reasonable price if you look hard enough.  The main reason why I wanted to go thrifting was to find an oversized denim jacket that I could DIY.  If you google custom denim jackets you'll find some pretty cool and inspiring ones.  But to save you some time, I already went to google and pulled some pictures for this post for you.  You're most welcome :)  I actually put it on my Vision board.  It's a board where I put all the stuff I want to do and aim to have before time runs out.  Sorta like a bucket List I guess you could say :)  It's still in the making, but I'm really excited to fill it up and watch as I slowly take the stuff I achieve down!  

Basically, I walked out content with 2 items that I just couldn't let slip through my fingers.  The denim jacket was $7.99 by the brand "Tomorrow's Generation", which is pretty good I guess and the moon encrusted blouse was $5.99 by the brad "Lucia".  For me, that was on the rather pricey side, since we are talking about a thrift store.  But honestly, I don't think I will ever find a blouse just like it.  I do, I'll report back.  The pattern is vibrant and is it just me or does it have a nautical effect?  Maybe it's the colours, but I freaking love it.  Especially the collar.  In the colder months, I'm planning on layering this under a seater and having the collar peak through and Oh My God it's gonna be GREAT!  You know, it's funny how in the winter I dream of what I'll wear in the summer and how I hate the cold because I just want to wrap myself like a burrito in my blanket and hibernate.  (Exhibit A in this post.)  But, now that it's summer,  I can't stop thinking about all the layering I can do in the winter!  Layering just gets me so stoked for the cold weather.  But, the weather will never please me. Do you guys get winter (i.e. like snow and ice) where you live?

Outfit Of The Day:
Halter top: Brandy Melville
Midi Skirt: (Courtesy of my mom's closet)
Necklaces: From a garage sale (one of the highlights of summer time)
Purse: Under1Sky*
Sandals: American Eagle (I swear I wear them everyday because they are my only everyday shoes)
Sunnies: Dior
Drink: Tim Hortons "Ice Capp" (my holly grail <3)

Okay, let me attempt at explaining this picture:

While at the store, I found this really huge...bowl, I guess you could call it?  The bottom of it was a mirror and well, ya doesn't that just call for a picture?  The thing that threw me off was the price.  69 freaking dollars?  W-T-H??!

On the way back home, I met these two adorable dogs.  Can we just take a moment to appreciate how excited they were to have their pictures taken?  Which reminds me, I actually applied to volunteer with the Toronto Cat Rescue.  If you know me, you know I love animals and I just want to help them and care for them anyway possible.  I have to wait to hear back from them, but I really do hope I can be apart of their wonderful team!  I'll update you guys when I find out!

And to think the last time I went thrifting, I was maybe 8, with my mom and I hated it because the place smelt like a dump.  I think they've definitely cleaned up from the last time I went.


  1. You look great dear! Love the print


    1. Yes! The print is freaking amazing. My life feels complete haha

  2. Just love it this look, you look so amazing


  3. I loooove that shirt!

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