Saturday, April 18, 2015

Weekly Round Up #2

Welcome back everyone for yet another Weekly Round Ups post!  This week we could definitely feel the change in weather and there were days were the sun was shinning so bright and I could finally remember what it was like to feel the warm weather on my skin.

The picture above is a quick #FromWhereIStand Outfit of the day.  I decided to go floral on floral.  Loved how it turned out! Top: Winners Pants: H&M Sandals:American Eagle Jacket: Nevada

I hope you all enjoy this post and I'll see you in my next one!  

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Vintage reads I picked up this book from the library because it's about a lady who loves to collect vintage clothing.  Here she talks about all the vintage clothing she's collected one by one and describes them, the owner, the price, and the year it was made.  It's really cool getting to know how people dressed back then and is very inspirational.  If you'd like to pick it up, it's called: The Costume Collector's Companion 1890-1990 by Rosemary Hawthorne.

Downtown art I also, did a little exploring with my friend downtown where there was so much lovely art every!  I had to take some pictures!  I also have an outfit post from this day that will be going up soon!

Furry friends I took a quick snapshot of this cutie!  Perfect timing because he was looking at my camera!  How cute. <3

Outfit of the day Here's another #FromWhereIStand  I was basing my outfit around my Demi Lovato Shirt which I already styled another way here.  I absolutely love my studded leggings from Forever21 and they go perfectly with this ensemble.  They're also perfect if you need to knee someone somewhere because those studs are really pointy!

Top: Demi concert Jacket: Nevada Necklace: H&M Leggings: Forever21 Sandals: American Eagle

Fashion designer reads  I also picked up this book when I went to the library.  I've been really enjoying reading it because each page talks about a designer that has influenced the fashion industry.  If you want to pick it up it's called: The 50 most influential fashion designers of all time by Bonnie English

It's very inspirational and I've really learned a lot and appreciate the designer's even more for what they have contributed and have discovered lots more.

Chanel 92200 Neuilly This whole week I've been solely winging my eyes with this silver eye liner pencil from Chanel.  I definitely blame this one on Coachella.  But I really enjoy it!  The silver really helps bring out my eyes.  It's so creamy, so pigment and so easy to work with.  I've had this bad boy for about 3 years now and it says it only lasts for up to 18 months.  Whoops.  But hey, it's Chanel.  I'm not just about to chuck it away.  I'm going to use it t'ill the last tip.

Instagram Lastly, I just want to thank you all for 1.3K followed on my Instagram!!! Thank you so much! <3


  1. Love this white dog. Great pictures. xx

  2. I love Elsa Schiapparelli....

    1. Yes! She is so inspirational! Love her too! <3

  3. Loved your photos! That book from the library looks so interesting, I need to track it down! Great post! XO - Kim

    1. Yes definitely do! They are very interesting!

  4. Beautiful roundup. Love your cute sandals and the studded leggings!


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    1. Oh! Yes I do see that now! So true! He's just the cutest!

  6. Great inspirational pictures!

  7. Superb!
    I'll wait for me! :*

  8. Great pics *_*