Saturday, April 11, 2015

Jonathan Saunders Fall 2015 Read-to-wear

JONATHAN SAUNDERS  Yet another incredible designer and collection that I MUST share with you all.  This is one of those collection's that I can spend hours and hours admiring and just look over each and every piece again and again and again.  I am a huge fanatic about futuristic, whimsical, abstract designs, so it was without a doubt that I would love Jonathan's collection as much as I do.

I love how he played around with a lot of reds and greens, perfect for fall in my opinion.  However, I think the aspect in his designs that truly make it his is how he incorporated lines  against all the crazy to create illusions and give his designs form and balance.  The lines in the patterns enable the bright abstract colours and patterns to shin through however at the same time keeping them grounded and wearable. That's one of the bigger concern about wearing very "out there" pieces, designers need to find a way to make them flattering.  Jonathan did exactly that.

Moving on the prints and patterns, they look freaking 3D!  But, it's no surprise what Jonathan can create because he has great knowledge and expertise as a print designer.  That talent sure came in handy.

I do hope what I am explaining makes sense haha.

Well done Jonathan.

I also wanted to give a quick shoutout to this green-tastic coat.  Wow, I wish I had something like this in my wardrobe.  I'd wear it everyday.  No joke.  This is my life.  The white outlining slims the coat down but in a non-obvious way and the circle pockets are the best things on this planet.  Who can someone not fall in love?

Let me know your opinions on Jonathan's collection and which one was your favourite!  I didn't post every single piece from his collection because then you might as well just visit but these are my top favourite designs from that collection that needed to be shared!

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  1. great post love xx my favorite was probably the very top right picture...very stunning

    1. Thank you! Yes the top right very gorgeous!

  2. wow. I absolutely adore these geometric prints!! Looks absolutely fab!

  3. Glad you enjoy his collection!